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Thread: YUKON bulk order for the end of February! Great pricing and free shipping!

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    for the bulk order to here, or drop shipped to you?

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    I don't know if you'll be in Moab for Safari, but we probably will and could deliver it then if that works....

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    Wanderlusting Greg's Avatar
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    For the bulk order, I will probably be heading up that way before EJS. If it happens that I don't make it up by then, I could meet up in Moab for EJS and take delivery there. Thanks for offering!
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    order list at the top updated!

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    I need to build a chevy Dana 60 and a rear corp 14. can you PM me a list of goodies with prices? I'm new to this so I don't exaclty know what to look for . I know I'll be building a K5 blazer and running 40-42" tires. thanks for your time

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    I'll be ordering tomorrow! Let me know what you need!

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    Safety 3rd
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    Feb 2012
    Murray Utah
    Stoked for my spartan. About how long does it usually take to get a big order like yours shipped to you?

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    I'll be ordering today so the parts should be here by next Wednesday at the latest! Last chance for anybody who wants in!

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    Safety 3rd
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    Feb 2012
    Murray Utah
    Whats the status?

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    order is in! Thanks guys!

    Give me a call and we'll arrange pick-up!

    801-921-98 for nine

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    Poser Offroad Bronco 1TonTom's Avatar
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    May 2010
    I still need that 35 spline D60 Sparten from ya
    I have a frame, 1 ton's and 38's i'm happy

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    So the GVHS build is needing to price some parts... We have a gm 60 front and a 14 bolt rear the rear is the wider version from a van. We need several items:

    5.38 gears front and rear with master install kit

    dana 60 king pin rebuild kit

    Front locker option? Cant afford an arb system but maybe a e-locker etc...

    Also what about axles? The 60 front was running a manual hub, but we would want strong with good pricing. Shipping to 81635... Let me know, I am ready to order come next week.

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