View Full Version : Well I just found out

01-18-2002, 08:53 PM
That the Utah Four Wheel Association is doing a trail Saturday. Kinda sucks I didn't know about it sooner....

But I'm going, It will be at 5mile pass around 11:00am.

Maybe I'll see some of you there.

01-18-2002, 09:26 PM
Are you a member of U4WDA?? I am just wondering because I thought they sent out flyers...I should have posted it here?!?!?!:(

01-18-2002, 09:34 PM
Well,,, not really,,,, but I do all the trails,,,

I have wheeled with these guys for years so I just kinda find out about things.

Ya know,,

How comes the Jeep?

01-18-2002, 09:40 PM
Bahahahahaha...the Jeep...well it really is more of a heep right now still sitting on Jackstands waiting to get some axles tires and wheels....since this is the biggest step(the first one) in my build-up and the most $$$$expensive(axles $2500, wheels $1000, and tires $1200-$1500) I don't think it is going to get done very soon...I am prolly going to be getting a Yota P/U that is wheelable to satisfy my wheeling hunger for the time being:D:D:D

01-18-2002, 09:43 PM
Sounds like a good plan,,,

What ever happened to the 44's I sold you??

01-18-2002, 09:51 PM
thats funny too...I decided to go a different route(thinking it would take too much time to get them in and running) so I sold them to a guy in Arizona for 500 bones which help fund my next set of axles a D44 up front and a 9" in the rear then I got bored with them(had them in and running for only about 3-4 months:rolleyes: ) and I decided I wanted to go 38.5s and in order to do that I would have to go wider for stability reasons and so instead of going small again(44 and 9") I decided to go bigger...now I have sitting in my garage a RC60 for the front and a standard cut 60 for the rear...I am just starting to tear them down and then after I do that I will need to get them setup...and yaddy yaddy yadda...you know the rest:D

01-18-2002, 09:56 PM
$500.00 for a set of 44's,,, Nice job,,,

Well I hope you get it going soon.

Keep us up to date.

01-19-2002, 12:40 PM
fine whatever.....:rolleyes: