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04-11-2002, 10:01 PM
Anybody headed to the Wild Yoats event the 24th thru the 28th in Moab? I missed their meeting on the 5th and don't know where they're meeting or camping:(

04-12-2002, 02:23 AM
I'll be there! How is your ride built? I need someone with a similar rig, to run with. I will probably be heading down on Thursday afternoon/evening and staying till Sunday. I would like to run Rusty Nail, Pritchett, Helldorado('s ??), and anything else thats fun.

I haven't heard what is being ran, or where they are camping. Hopefully Johnny will swing by the BB and drop some more info.

PS- I moved/edited your post, hope you don't mind!

04-13-2002, 12:44 AM
Thanks for the move:o Thursday sounds good. I was planning on taking three days off, so Th thru Sat will be good. I was planning on coming back on Sun. I have a '79 LB, Weber carb, spool in the rear, open front. I'm working on an external cage. You convinced me to go to 5.29's but I haven't found the $$$ yet. I've been scouring the couch cushions daily:rolleyes: Right now I'm on 31x10's but I'm trying to get 33's for the event and leave the 4.10's in for now. At crawl speeds the 4.10's will be fine for 33's. No winch but tow points front and rear. Stock gearing in the t-case, tranny etc...:o A friend of mine did lower Helldorado w/ 33's and a carb and said he did fine. I'd love to try it but I realize my truck's a little substandard at the moment:(

04-13-2002, 01:07 PM
Lower Helldorado isn't too bad, you should be fine. I did it w/o the Double TCase and about 4" of lift, but I had the 5.29's and 35's. You just have to pick good lines at a few points. Then again, after EJS it may have had tons of rocks stacked everywhere and gotten paved. We'll see.

BTW- I'm carbed too.....

04-13-2002, 04:07 PM
Do you have the double t-case with 2.28's or is one of them 4.7? I've had a few people tell me that the doubler w/ 2.28's is perfect and that you'll never really use 4.7:1. Some friends of mine have the single 4.7:1 from Marlin and love it but they're running 60's f/r and 38" Swampers. I'll try to convince them to come to the Yotafari. They had some trouble with their top link breaking off the cast housing at EJS and some other minor bugs w/ the suspension/shock set up but they should be ready to rock by the 24th. So where ya wanna meet? I'm in Roy but I drive right past Highland en route to Moab. Let me know:cool:

04-15-2002, 05:11 PM
I have 2 stock 'Cases and I think its the way to go. You have options, unlike one 'Case w/ a 4.7 gearset. Theres always times when I could use more gearing, but it isn't very often.

Talk your friends into coming! Sounds like it would be fun to wheel with them! I plan on leaving about 3:00-4:00pm on Thursday the 25th, so your friends could roll with us!??

I found the plans on the WY site. I would like to hit Metal Masher on Friday and Rusty Nail on Saturday. Heres a link to the layout-

Wild Yoats 'Yotafari' (http://wildyoats.com/board/?topic=topic3&msg=120)

As for meeting, I have a friend in Provo that wants to go, too. If he comes, we will probably meet you at the mouth of SF Canyon, say the Chevron. Its not hard to miss, on the Right side of the road, about 1 mile before you enter into the canyon.

If he doesn't come with, I'll meet you somewhere else. Say, off I-15 at the Thanksgiving Point exit? I'll get this all figured out and let you know what the official plans are, before it comes down to the time to leave.

04-15-2002, 06:09 PM
:cool: You camping or hotel? I stayed at Ken's Lake for EJS. It wasn't too bad. I always like to keep the hotel option open in case of bad weather. The wife and kids are staying home for this one so I don't care where I camp. Dan and Ben trailer their Toy and mine'll do 75 tops so it might be slow going. I always go via the canyon so anywhere along the route will be fine, just let me know:D

04-15-2002, 06:56 PM
I forgot to ask you about the YJ springs up front. How did you do that and how do they work?

04-15-2002, 10:21 PM
dont try to meat greg at his house, the freaking address is impossible to logically find:D :D :confused: :confused:

04-15-2002, 11:10 PM
Isn't one of the Zuk clubs having an event at about the same time?

04-16-2002, 07:04 AM
the zukfari is usually just before or during the EJS

04-16-2002, 04:29 PM
I'll be camping at Slickrock CG. Thats where most of the Toys are going to be, at least the folks camping. My truck has 35's, so 75mph is about the fastest I like to safely go. If my friend comes with us, he will probably be trailering his Bronco too.

The YJ springs are OK, they really have to be forced to flex, but that may due to my unbalanced suspension. I have a double shackle setup in the rear. The YJ's I have are 4" springs, unknown brand. They sagged about 2" after I got them on and wheeled 'em. I want to get a 2.5" spring pack and do some leaf swapping to see if I can get the front softer. Its really a decent leaf, for the price. I got them used for $50 and with a longer shackle, they fit 35's pretty good. I also moved my axle forward 2.5", which is great! My tires never rub the body.

I fit the YJ's by making my own spring plates, that would fit a 2.5" spring, compared to the Toyota 2.28"(?) wide. I had to pry the front hangers wider to fit them too. I need to build a new hanger eventually. It wasn't too hard. anything else?

04-16-2002, 09:03 PM
I'm just trying to fit 35" to 37" tires w/out 10" of lift. I think my front springs are from Downey and I'm thinking about using a 2wd Chevy spring pack in the rear. The fronts work well but the rear is WAY too stiff (4-5" of travel...total:o ) I think I'll have to do at least 4" and shave a lot of fender to fit a 37 but I think I can run a 35" with 3" of lift and some minor cutting. Where's Slickrock CG. Is that the newer one at the south end of town?

04-18-2002, 01:14 PM
Ahhhh.....I see! 37's would be FUN to fit!

Slickrock Campground is the one thats right after Dump Bump, on Sand Flats Road. Its more east of town, really.

04-18-2002, 06:07 PM
Is it full? Can you reserve or is it first come, first served? Where are we meeting anyway?:)

04-19-2002, 06:29 PM
I doubt its full, that place is HUGE! It is a first come first serve thing, but I would imagine it wouldn't be too hard find a place pretty close to the entrance, since its not EJS. The Rod Benders are going to be there for a car show, so they should be in the hotels. Finding a camping spot should be cake.

I doubt my friend is coming with us, he screwed his radiator a few weeks back and hasn't fixed it yet. So its just going to be me and my Gal. Are any of your friends joining us?

Lets plan on meeting at the Thanksgiving Point exit, in the Carpool parking lot. Its on the East side if I-15. How about 3:00pm?? That should give us over a hour of daylight, once we get there.

If you need to get ahold of me, my Cell # is 427-3400. What rigs will I need to look for?

04-19-2002, 08:16 PM
Ilean and I will be arriving Thursday afternoon. We're planning on Upper Helldorado and Proving Grounds sometime during the weekend if you're interested.

04-19-2002, 11:11 PM
Thanksgiving Point at 3 sounds good. I spoke with the boys and they want to come down but probably not until after work on Thursday. We'll be in a '76 Scout, I don't know the color, and I'll have my blue '79 Toy. We'll be there before 3 ready to go :)

04-20-2002, 01:57 PM
A Scout and a Blue '79 Toy, that should be an easy find. I'll be in my '85 Toy, mostly red. :rolleyes:

04-20-2002, 09:23 PM
I just talked w/ the boys and they can't come down until Friday night. We can run Rusty Nail together Saturday morning and maybe a Hell's Revenge night run:D

04-21-2002, 12:19 PM
That sounds like a plan, Hells Revenge at night time will be intresting.....

04-21-2002, 10:14 PM
Update on the Scout Greg, It's green/rust colored but it'll have a fresh SOA lift. I'm talking him into 35's. The SOA will give him about 4" of lift so we'll see how it flexes and pick some tires to fit. We were getting the American Ingenuity truck ready today and it ramped 1K w/ oh so much room to spare:D This thing is amazing, can't wait to see if it'll roll :D

04-21-2002, 10:17 PM
Oh yeah, I forgot, we have another Scout coming down Friday. It's a TravellAll with about 6" of lift and 35" Swampers. This group is getting bigger every day:)