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    Then pass on the deal for the original 5 ton🤓
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    Sent it to ya good luck
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    There is one around Beaver for 3k ish but it’s 21k lbs and not really road worthy, so getting it home is a chore I’m not ready for
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    What year and what are you considering as a decent price, I have been looking for a long time and still have not jumped yet.
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    Area BFE

    Got to have a log in to view this
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    New winch - new concept? Battery powered 10,000 lb smart winch

    My buggy is in the ad! Does that mean I get a discount?
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    Just come back south, not much has changed here, most of us are still thinking for ourselves...
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    General Tech Cory's single seat selfish buggy

    Wait so where are the “new buggy” pics
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    Activity Virtual Easter Jeep Safari 2020 on RME!

    I miss the reader ride for crawl mag and area bfe...
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    Air Fryer love

    I also have a ninja, only thing I have tried is breaded chicken strips. A little slower that deep frying in oil but I do like the flavor better. I hope to find something else good because one use in 2-3 months isn’t worth having in my book.
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    General Tech Rockwell Buggy, take 2.

    Got any more pics of this buggy, I’m hoping to get my hands on a set of those 50s
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    Trip Report Moab Rocktober 2019

    I’m super jealous
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    South-East Utah Moab RocktoberCrawl! | Oct 16th - 20th, 2019

    What’s your trail schedule I’m very interested in doing rear steer and plan on being there
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    For Sale Parting out 2002 F450

    Where are they, you located?