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    Boondocking Alaska

    I was really hoping this was a trip report :confused: Looking forward to the end result!
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    The Dante's Peak Suburban, the Jeep Gladiator from Tremors, and the K-5 stepside in the original Red Dawn...

    The most logical way to heist fuel is definitely in this truck:
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    As of early this week it is now $18. Wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t make it. Wendy’s is taking over an hour on any given evening to get through the line. Hard to stay in business as a fast food joint if you’re not... fast.
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    Favorite Cover Songs

    There has been some unusual songs posted in this thread... every time I want to ask if this is music you guys actually listen to for entertainment? So I’m calling you two out on the latest, creepy clown @Hickey and cleavage lady missing a German accent @frieed
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    Is this the right thread to post selfie’s getting the second round of moderna tomorrow afternoon? Anyone have some cool hashtags I should use? For those that have had it and felt like crap after, how long did it take for the onset of side effects? I’ve got a 5 hour drive after work, so I’m...
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    Need manifolds moved, Grand Junction to St George

    I’m driving weekly from Moab to StG. If the manifolds can find their way to Moab I go to StG on Thursday nights.
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    Any Mtn Bikers on RME?

    Not bad for a post work evening ride. I definitely prefer Ahab, but this was a blast in its own way.
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    Favorite Cover Songs

    That was really cool. Amazing talent.
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    For Sale JK leather front seats

    3-4 weeks is fine. I’ll pm my info
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    For Sale JK leather front seats

    2 minutes of googling makes me think the seat mounts are the same for 07-17. It looks like you may have to use your sliders (I don’t have them anyway). This was based on master craft seat compatibility and brackets. A few more minutes of googling may be a good idea for you to get an idea of...
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    For Sale JK leather front seats

    I know they fit 2015-2017, could fit more but I’m not sure
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    For Sale JK leather front seats

    They’re in really good shape, no tears or anything. Not sure what to ask for them, but I do know I paid way too much $ for a factory rear bench that I’d like to recoup some cost on. Also comes with the brackets to put them in the 2nd row if desired. They can be picked up in either St George or...
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    Your Pic of The Day

    Washington County has a special service district for solid waste (curbside and landfill) for 14 of 15 cities in the county. Curbside recycling is mandatory, except for a 3 month opt out window in 2020, and we had to collect the cans from those opt out households. It’s about a 3 year inventory...
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    Your Pic of The Day

    10,000 recycling cans collected after an opt out period.
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    Let's talk about the F.I.R.E. movement (Financially Independent, Retire Early).

    You're not the only one... I have been through a handful of job transitions in the last 5 years, and I have noticed a pattern that I am least passionate and find the least amount of job satisfaction when everything is going smoothly, and I'm not really challenged anymore.