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    Lions Not Sheep

    The guy is an arrogant tool for sure. I am ashamed that early on I bought a couple hats from his company, but have since got rid of them. Their marketing, (if that is what you call it, or lack thereof) the arrogance he and the people that buy his product and drink his kool aid portrays, the...
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    Stag’s Lowrider Shop Truck

    Wait, so you're now building the daily driver that you bought so you could build your daily driver?
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    Lighten the mood

    If you haven't been following or know of the Speed UTV drama, this won't mean much to you, but definitely seems like a train wreck. I have no dog in the fight, I think they are good looking cars, but I have no plans to buy put a deposit on one...
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    Lighten the mood

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    Tell me your favorite wheel cleaner.

    I imagine you could dismount them, polish them, and have them powdercoated clear? Powder will hold up better than clear paint. Just a lot of time and labor involved.
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    Wanted 8 x 6.5 lug 16" steel trailer wheel

    I don't know if you want new or not, we be stock them at our shop. $113.99 plus tax.
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    Ford 2021 Ford Bronco

    That's a shame - that is DEAD sexy!! Haaa, punny.
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    No more state safety inspection in utah

    Not to raise this from the dead, or start a new argument, but this fine specimen is a perfect example of why safeties would be a good thing to come back. Came in for a registration renewal (which is now just an emissions) if the safety was still a thing, this would fail, and he wouldn't be able...
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    Epic food porn

    Smoked up some ribs on Sunday, and did a nice piece of salmon for the wife... I didn't think to get one of the salmon, but I would say it was almost better than the ribs... Almost.
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    Epic food porn

    You should have seen it years ago before they cleaned up the place haha.
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    Uintah Basin Railway

    All I see when I read these comments are: I need to get my CDL and certs....
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    For all the scrub radius!
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    For Sale SAS'd '96 Isuzu Rodeo

    Thats awesome! Wish I was in the market!
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    Today I Want This....

    I like it, but I am communist.
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    F*^&%$# Pigeons

    I think @xj_nate has become a grumpy old get off my lawn man...