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    So what is the end game here? We need distancing, we need quarantine, why? The only thing it does is flatten the curve. Instead of everyone getting sick at once, we drag it out. Sure, this keeps the hospitals from being completely overwhelmed, but that's it! When you (eventually) come out of...
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    Found out last night that kids were out of school for the next 2 weeks, went online and booked a hotel in Moab Monday and Tuesday! Should be awesome bike riding! 😁 Rant reply ahead. I have an issue with this attitude that "anyone who knows someone who has a relative who might have a...
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    Shell question

    I have one of those in my work truck and I love it.
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    MACHINED flat washers

    For future reference, McMaster Carr is my go to for super specialized hardware. And I loved the z-start pro in my 300.
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    Any vinyl fence peeps on here

    My neighbor does. Dave Christensen. 801-787-5394.
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    Any auto insurance experts here?

    I don't know anything about the insurance but if you had it listed at $6k and the insurance will pay you $4700, I'd take the money and sell it as is (could likely get $800 or more I'm guessing?) and you are most of the way to $6k. Obviously if you can get them to total it that is the best case.
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    DF Goblin Build

    I don't think you'll need fenders. This is the custom vehicle section of the inspection manual: DEFINITIONS 1. “Custom Vehicle" means: a. a motor vehicle that is at least 25 years old and of a model year after 1948; or b. was manufactured to resemble a vehicle that is at least 25 years old...
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    General Tech What did you work on Today?

    Love it Ben! Nice work!
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    Shop / Tools DIY powder coating?

    Colored spokes on the way!! :rofl: :cool:
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    Any Mtn Bikers on RME?

    Love it! Nice job girls! :D
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    Several places on KSL under the "recreational vehicles/rentals" section. Also
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    Tesla Truck (Cybertruck)

    This is what it should have looked like...
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    KTM 390 Adventure

    I guess I'm going to be the dissenting opinion here. I'm not a fan at all. Looking at the 390 enduro and the 390 duke side by side, I'd take the duke every time. Neither one looks to be very capable off road and the enduro looks like it is built for a dirt road, which the duke would likely do...