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    Shop / Tools DIY powder coating?

    Colored spokes on the way!! :rofl: :cool:
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    Any Mtn Bikers on RME?

    Love it! Nice job girls! :D
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    Several places on KSL under the "recreational vehicles/rentals" section. Also
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    Tesla Truck (Cybertruck)

    This is what it should have looked like...
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    KTM 390 Adventure

    I guess I'm going to be the dissenting opinion here. I'm not a fan at all. Looking at the 390 enduro and the 390 duke side by side, I'd take the duke every time. Neither one looks to be very capable off road and the enduro looks like it is built for a dirt road, which the duke would likely do...
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    KSL Ghosts???

    This is what I do. I also refuse to do any negotiation unless in person. This cuts down on a bunch of crap.
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    Milestar Patagonia MT tires

    I love that channel! So enjoyable to watch! I may get crap for this, but I hate it when the web wheelers are giving the professionals a hard time. I deal with this every day at work. I work in the field going in pipes, fixing electrical issues, doing jobs while dangling off ropes, climbing...
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    Funny Picture Thread

    So true!
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    Ingersoll rand 7.5 hp

    I'm out as well. Darn 3 phase.
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    Ingersoll rand 7.5 hp

    I'm also interested depending on voltage.
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    Any Mtn Bikers on RME?

    Sweet!!! I was just thinking I should text you today and see if you got it!
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    Used shipping containers..?

    Upon closer web searching, I'm only 50% confident that it's a real business and not a scam. :( I guess when I get ready to purchase I will have to find out.
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    Used shipping containers..?

    Disclaimer, I have only seen their KSL ad, website and an email. It may be a scam or it may be a great deal, I don't know. I would definitely want to be there to pick up my own container before handing over any money.
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    Used shipping containers..?

    Just got a quote back from these guys that I found on KSL: They were pretty cheap and sent a ton of pictures and a very detailed email. They come with additional features : - Forklift Pockets - Lock Boxes - Treated anti slip flooring - High locking...