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    CJ-75 Budget Build

    So the picture thing works! :) I went through my old pics, thinking I would post up a really great update of the build but, apparently I've taken pics as frequently as I've made posts! I'm taking it in to a guy to start on the custom soft top on Fri., so I'll get some pics of the bar structure...
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    CJ-75 Budget Build

    OKI'll try the picture thing.
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    CJ-75 Budget Build

    I'll try to get some pics up tonight. Other than a couple of rocky dirt piles in a field, no! :( I'm still in shakedown mode trying to sort out a fuel delivery problem, charging issues, & the latest thing is the turn signals quit working! I haven't strayed to far from home yet but once I'm a...
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    CJ-75 Budget Build

    HALLELUUUUUJAH!!! IT IS FINALLY ON THE ROAD! I've spent the last few years fixing the little things to be able to get it inspected & registered. Thanks State of Utah for doing away with inspections, I now have a running, driving, street legal (grey area), registered double extra large Jeep!!
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    Custom Built XJ's for sale

    They're all mall cruisers!:rolleyes: They don't even offer an axle upgrade untill the +20k level! And that is just gears!:rofl: They're pretty, but they can't follow me!:cody:
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    4x4 friendly inspection station in SLC

    I find it puzzeling that they think your ABS is disabled! Is it?? And since when is a body lift illegal? Sounds like a new hire fresh out of WYO Tech trying to prove his worth!
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    Auto VS Manual Trans

    FWIW I started on man trans trucks & blazers & even a suburban, & I allways thought they were tough & manley!:cool: When I got my first auto I realized how forgiving they were, if you miss the line.....let it roll back a couple of feet..... adjust, go again! No heel/toe, clutch slipping...
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    General Tech Honcho Build, "Desert Edition"

    Clean & neat! I really like the interior work!
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    Important life choice: K5 or Xj

    DD Vs. Trail Rig is allways a fight! :amy: Tons & 40's on a Blazer with gears & fuel injection will prolly wheel really good! , but on the road, be tollerable to drive & maybe get 10-12 mpg.:-\ An XJ on tons & 37's with gears & body strengthening will wheel like crazy!, but you will want to...
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    Advance Adapters - Atlas

    Did you think to call Cruiser outfitters??
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    Dirt Every Day at 5 mile pass

    I like that he can, and does, explore other rigs that most would not think obtainable, and clues us in on how to find them! I'd like to see a review on a Mog or maybe a Pinsgouer! I talked to a guy from the Coalville area that imports them into the US! The Pinsgouer looks like a 1/2 ton...
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    OrangeSkidPlates 98 Cherokee Build

    I just caught on to this thread & I'm really enjoying it!:) I like the the way you made made it more of a "This is how it work after the mods" vs. " this is what I did (with pics) & I hope it works like I want":D I also like that you kept it a running & usable rig while adding parts, big &...
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    Egg Beater Build (AKA Scrambler)

    Congrats on getting it on the road! :tara: I'm sure it gets lots of looks!:cool: Are you going to leave it open or have a top made for it?:)
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    Jeep Modifying a Jeep Wrangler with a Ford motor and high gear ratio axles.

    V 8 or V 6? Auto or manual? Mild lift & tires or bigger? Stock looks or Winch & bumper, swing out tire carrier/ bumper, side steps, roof rack, lights (added weight)? All things to consider in the planing stage.:confused: Also remember that a Jeep has all the aerodynamic qualities of a...
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    Pitbull RADIAL maddogs

    Got a good look at my stuff, & even took pics, but I think my tires are too worn for you to value them as much more than rollers or spares & I don't have the cash to throw at a new set of tires right now. I'll keep looking, & you should too, who knows, we might find a deal that work for both...