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    Knife talk

    There’s a TON of bricks out on the old Geneva property still.
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    General Tech What did you work on Today?

    Worked on this boiler today. Old burner had literally exploded and blew out the side.
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    Single axle car trailer questions

    Yeah I probably would. I believe there is around ten, 20' sticks of it, but I'm not positive. I'm kinda thinking about picking up some 4" Channel from Triple S in salt lake instead, I think it would be stronger, and overall, lighter weight. I can get a 42' stick for $60...
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    Knife talk

    Had one of these Kershaw Hinderers for a few years. Seems kinda cheap, but it’s held up decently well, assisted opener. Belt clip finally broke off, so need to see if I can find a replacement or not.
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    I hate Craigslist Lowballers...

    I know this is kinda backwards, but I also hate as a buyer, when people don't list a price for something they are selling, and say to make an offer. You throw out a number, and then they either get offended, or just don't respond because they don't like your number.
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    Wanted FJ80 Steering Box

    Bump, still looking.
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    Wanted FJ80 Steering Box

    PM sent!
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    Wanted FJ80 Steering Box

    Anybody have an FJ80 steering box they are willing to get rid of? Nothing on KSL, nothing in pick a part currently.
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    "The American Life Is Killing You"

    I've been trying to get my wife to get on board doing this. I have some friends who lived in the Dominican Republic for a number of years before moving back to the states to help care for their dying parents. Now that they've passed away, they're going back soon.
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    How long have you had your rig?

    About 9 years. My Sami was my first car when I turned 16. Owned several others over the years, but haven’t let this one go just yet.
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    Volkswagen TDI talk

    I didn’t. Not sure what might have happened other than if the pump is air locked or something.
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    Century link crappy customer service question.

    Good info, I kinda understand the basics, but not much. That said, the ONLY reason we had it to begin with is due to them being the only provider in our area that had the ability to support a VPN from desktop. We have free google fiber in Provo anyways, and they’re much faster, it’s free, and I...
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    Wanted Scout II hard top

    I don’t see a scout listed under their inventory, but I’m pretty sure it’s their back lot. I snapped a couple pix as best I could.
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    Wanted Scout II hard top

    I saw a scout sitting in what I believe is the yard behind pick a part in Orem yesterday, it appears to be sitting with all the cars waiting to go into the yard. It's a ways off the road, but I'll see if I can manage to snap a pic for you.
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    Jeep Wrangler based truck (JT Gladiator)

    Dang you. I keep telling myself the only thing holding me back is the MSRP. I may have to look into one for these prices though. Edit: Still too rich for my blood, even with the moneys off.