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    Bewilder Brewing Offroad Carshow Aug 2nd

    Sorry I didn’t get pictures of people. Guess I was distracted.
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    Bewilder Brewing Offroad Carshow Aug 2nd

    Great time. Had an obligatory beverage and lunch. Wife had the breakfast sandwich, very good. I would do it again.
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    Cody Gone Wild

    Good idea 💡.
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    Cody Gone Wild

    Is this car show in addition to the August 2 date?
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    Need Plumber / Landscaper to work on commercial yard sprinkling system.

    Thanks, I agree, The issue is more of space and techniques. The box is small and houses 2 large valves. Also the pipes are stacked on top of each other, and are coming out from under a parking lot. I may give it a shot this weekend. Still happy to pay someone for their expertise and skills.
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    Need Plumber / Landscaper to work on commercial yard sprinkling system.

    I have a broken sprinkler valve. My yard care man replaced the valve, and an when he turned it on, it blew apart. Actually the pipe going in and out blew. This is an office building, and the PVC is much larger than my home stuff. Anyone knowledgeable about such things? Thanks.
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    Cody Gone Wild

    Had our first Bewilder take home dinner. Wife and I really enjoyed it . 2 new growlers too. Will do it again.
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    You Feel That?

    Felt it in Draper.
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    Merry Christmas RME!

    What he said.
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    Car Audio Shops

    I hate to be negative, but.... I bought very nice and expensive unit at CC, I thought they gave me a good price. But they will not back it up with service, and keeping promises.
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    Lifetime Products

    I have one of their large garbage can storage units. Lid is somewhat warped, and the screws are constantly falling out of the hardware. Still looks OK after five years, but is not in the direct sunlight all day. Good for what it is. But I need to figure out a way to keep all the screws from...
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    Wow... June 6, 1944

    I second that. Thanks to all who served and who currently serve. We must remember.
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    Shell question

    I have had a bed slide in my last four trucks. In my opinion, one of the best additions you can have, especially for me being a lazy old man. Pulling the slide out makes it very easy to access and load objects even heavy ones forward in the bed. I currently have a three-piece Tono cover and like...
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    For Sale BC's Moving Sale

    May I have the exhaust hose?