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    For Sale Super Built Daily Driver TJ

    1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ. 72k original miles. 4.0L inline 6 motor. 5 speed manual trans. 4.5" Teraflex long arm kit. Quick disconnect sway bars. ARB air lockers front and rear. York onboard air compressor and 5 gallon Sunair tank. Atlas II 4.3 tcase. Twin stick. Warn 9000XDi winch. 4.88 gears. 1.5...
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    Let’s talk branded titles

    Branded is just a generic term. You can have salvage. Rebuilt restored. Flood. Etc. It's printed in the front page of the title. You can Google some examples
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    Getting healthier in 2020. Who's in?

    Cheap and good with electronic are kinda mutually exclusive IMO
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    KTM Reed Problem

    Hey Brian, here's a YZ250 that drilled a hole in itself with the clutch pushrod. Under 100hrs. Go change your oil. A new case half, all new bearings and a piston and it'll be better than new.
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    Wanted Looking to buy some Chevy 6 lug wheels

    I've got a set of 4 They're just dirty. The finish is still nice.
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    KTM Reed Problem

    If the carb is leaking fuel into the bottom end it will cause hard starting when it sits. The problem is excaserbated by the fact that the 17-18 carb sits at a slight angle (you can see the position of the notch in the carb boot). This is why some people complained the Mikuni carb was harder to...
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    Let's Talk Lawns

    Gasoline. Seriously. Old gas. Kills them dead as Round Up. I use it when they grow on my gravel. Problem is the seeds live up to 7 years dormant.
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    KTM Reed Problem

    Could the carb be over flowing the bowl and filling the reed block and likely putting fuel in the bottom end. Then somehow the fuel is melting the reeds and reed block?
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    For Sale H2 Silver Painted 17s

    I'm interested, pending pics.
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    Wanted Looking to buy some Chevy 6 lug wheels

    I've got a set of 6 on 5.5 wheels. I'll snap a pic tomorrow.
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    Wanted 235/75r15 tires

    Should be the same 5x4.75" Chev pattern.
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    KTM Reed Problem

    I can't imagine being able to over heat the bike enough to melt the tips of the reed case without melting the base. I'm with Paul: Maybe some kinda intake backfire situation. What premix ratio are you running and what jetting? How's the plug look?
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    I hate Craigslist Lowballers...

    🤷‍♂️ I guess it ran good? Couldn't tell because of the straight pipes. Problem is you can't control the rate or direction of expansion. Water expands in all directions with equal force as it freezes. So often it will split the seams on stuff. Even if you get lucky the paint will crack and it'd...
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    Wanted Single 7" round LED headlight

    Amazon/ eBay has a single for like $40. That may be your best bet.