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    Lighten the mood

    I'm proud to be a Mountain Dew drinker.
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    I just had a monumental financial experience

    ^ this is a Dave Ramsey principle. Working the problem backwards.. if you wouldn’t intentionally end up in a situation again, get out of it now.
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    How's an Atlas for long road miles?

    I don't have any helpful info on what way to go.. but I have been very happy with Conrads Transmissions in West Jordan if you are looking for a shop.
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    RME March Trip - Pony Express Trail

    Gas is available at both ends. No need for extra.
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    Your Pic of The Day

    I learned afterwards that it most likely had some important issues in there.
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    Your Pic of The Day

    So funny story, I had a pair of camo waders. I got them from a relative, who got them from a different relative. The person I got them from stored them for a few years and decided they were never going to use them. I stored them for about 10 years before deciding that I was never going to use...
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    So now what

    Prior to my 20’s I was pulled over more than 75 times. A total of 3 or 4 tickets. I’m now up to a little more than 100, with about 6 tickets. I’m not saying it is anything about race... just that I’m pretty sure I win the pull over record. 😁🤣
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    So now what

    At least I am consistent in being bothered.. because these also bother me. Thanks again for your insights.
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    Your Pic of The Day

    Measuring houses in the snow today was less fun. My boots are 15” tall, and the snow kept getting inside. This was in Murray.
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    So now what

    Thank you. I can see that difference. I am a fan of guns and gun freedom.. but I would be leery of anyone carrying a gun through the neighborhood, but may be more so of someone not of my color. I will work to 'check' that privilege. But this goes back to my original issue.. I shouldn't be...
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    Expedition Utah??

    I looked. Still not working for me. Is that the volunteering you needed?? :rofl: :rofl:
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    So now what

    So I have been pretty deep in thought for a few hours now (which has really cut into my privilege of working 14 hours so far today, with much more to go) I have had a little change in perspective. I have seen friends and neighbors with less than me. I try to share what I have with them. We...
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    What are you listening to?

    I happy to report that my one-time viewing of Britney's IG account did not ruin my high school fantasies, and that I can continue to listen to her music.
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    So now what

    Thanks Cody. I do see my privilege, and am very grateful for it... but I guess I believe that it was earned by someone (in this case, my parents) through sacrifice and hard work. So it's a privilege to me.. but I am now EARNING that privilege for the next generation. Some of my current tenants...
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    So now what

    I am a straight, white, Christian, male. I am married with kids, and live in the suburbs.. so I am pretty much the go-to person to hate. I appreciate @Cody comments. The only claim I have to diversity is that for a short time I lived in Mississippi, and even had a black roommate at one...