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    For Sale CJ Hydro Assist Steering set up

    How about Tile work? Is that on the table...? (Sorry had to ask, because... Well... it is funny :D)
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    For Sale CJ Hydro Assist Steering set up

    Hell, we can probably make a deal, I don't know why but I like you. I will try to get some pics tonight. Can we throw you changing your avatar in as part of the deal? :D (That thing still gives me the hebegebes... )
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    New Utah resident

    X2 Welcome!
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    What about the Grand Cherokee? 🙄
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    Ok, I will be the jerk. Who cares...? Sounds like more drama and we already have a lot of that on this board... :rolleyes:
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    2021 EJS Potato Salad Hill Fundraiser & Cleanup

    There you go. Great cause and I am pretty sure this is the $50 you gave me back after last year was canceled. :D
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    So now what

    Funny you mention this, my wife has been pulled over in Grantsville and she is such a rule follower that I am pretty she doesn't even open her eyes during a prayer... :D
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    For Sale CJ Hydro Assist Steering set up

    Hey Guys, I recently upgraded to full hydro, so I am hoping some one is looking to upgrade. Hydro Assist Ram Steering box Pump with reservoir Hydro Lines Steering box frame brace Reinforced Pitman Arm Heavy duty Steering box brace bracket (Day and night different than stock) similar to this...
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    Whole house backup generator

    In theory, yes. The important step is turn off the main disconnect so you don't zap the poor lineman somewhere down the line...
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    Your Pic of The Day

    I took this Pic a couple of weeks ago in Aruba just to share on here because I loved the truck and it was rare in a place like Aruba.
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    YJ build

    We can probably come up with some 40's to help a brother out. :D Those Tera axles I posted a while back would be super tempting if I were in his shoes... ;)
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    YJ build

    If CJ parts will work on that I probably have a bunch that can help. :)
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    General Tech What did you work on Today?

    I am a pretty big fan of Summit Machine. (just sayin')
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    Electrician recommendations

    Steve Curtiss Curtiss Electric 4 Three 5- 24one-Oh476