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    The OMG toy hauler RV trailer build

    You may be able to find a small enclosed trailer, take the axles off, and set it on the upper deck - you would have to add some trim to fill in the fenders, but it might be easier than starting from scratch. Im curious what the frame on the trailer is made of. My 30 ft gooseneck (30 ft deck)...
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    Project: TJ Stretch and Build

    I added 10" to mine. I wish I had done 12", or maybe more. I just have 35's but really haven't bottomed out too much. I did my stretch almost the same as you. I think its a pretty slick way to do it. Kirk
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    RV Tech: Generator discussion

    My understaning is Solar just recharges/maintains batteries. Batteries can't run an A/C, can they? Do you have a link or something that discribes what you are talking about?
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    RV Tech: Generator discussion

    I have the honda 2000 also. I also have a onan 4K. I didn't want to get rid of the onan because I use it as backup for my house. The problem with the Honda is its not big enough to run the A/C on the trailers (my understanding) I have heard that the Yamaha 2800 can barely run the A/C's. I...
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    Trailer rental

    You could probaby fit two jeeps on a 26 ft trailer. (deck length). Mine weighs about 12K with two jeeps.
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    Wheel base extention

    I assume you are talking about drilling a new hole in your main leaf, then shifting the remaining leafs to line up with the new hole. My leafs are like that. It works fine. Mine is only 1" offset. 2" may create steering issues? You can also offset your u bolt hanger brackets - You would...
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    Another towing doubles question

    I've done it with a 8,500 lb 26 ft 5th wheel as the first trailer, and the jeep on 18 foot trailer as the second. I used an equalizer hitch between the 5th wheel and jeep. I also ran a second brake controller around the 5th wheel to the jeep trailer - and only hooked up the panic button. that...
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    CJ-7 Roll-over valve

    Is this what you want?
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    My new GPS setup

    I bought the National Geographic Pocket TOPO last summer. I have an IPAQ, and my freind has a bluetooth gps reciever we were going to try. I couldn't ever get the software to install on the IPAQ. I gave up and bought a garmin. You can borrow my software and see if it will work for you if...
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    Trailer winch

    Would a 3000 lb winch pull a dead vehicle up the ramps? - I've got a 36" high deck with 7 foot ramps. Is that enough winch? I am going to put a winch on a gooseneck trailer. I have used a come-a-long a few times, and it just sucks. Thanks Kirk
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    Accident in Provo Wednesday - Heading to Moab?

    I heard part of a news story that a guy heading to moab lost control and hit a semi in I-15. My wife said the person was pulling a jeep and a 4 wheeler, but I didn't hear that on the story I saw. The truck looked like a 1/2 ton green 4 door Ford. the news said he may have been illegal...
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    Where to find material to make canvas top?

    We have made two safari type tops, and I just got the material to make a third. I went to sugarhouse awning (7500 S State) and got a black nogahyde (sp) type stuff. They had one kind that came in 6-7 ft wide rolls. It cost me like $50.00, but I got more material than you would need. It is...
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    Cage Question

    I still haven't decided how to deal with the side impact thing, but I did work on it some more. here are a couple pictures. I am curious if people think the planned gussets will be good enough - The red ones will be 3/16 flat shaped like a triangle. The yellow one will probably be 1 1/4...
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    Back up your shizzel

    I got a 500 gig external a couple days ago from Newegg for $168.51 shipped.
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    Cordless impact wrench

    I was wondering if anyone has experience with cordless impact wrenches. I use my cordless drill too much with sockets - I have a 5th wheel without electric jacks - I made a handle with a 3/4" bolt on the end, then use my cordless to turn it up or down - its too much for the drill. Dewalt has a...