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    W.E. Rock

    So Washington was fun but it didn't go as planned. We did not end up running 2 rigs. Our pro mod car was there and we test drove it but they had a 4 month old kid that got sick so they had to take the car and head home. We ended up placing 4th of 11 at this comp. One course kicked our butts...
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    Grandmas Skylark project

    I gladly donated those 30 seconds of my life to you.
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    TDI Comanche Build

    This is what I used in my 8.8 to keep the YJ sprung under. I love it.
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    TDI Comanche Build

    This. Yukon makes a nice C-clip eliminator kit for the 8.8s. That is what is under my YJ and I love it but probably not needed in your case. The 8.8 c-clip is LESS likely to break than the Dana 35. Or as others have said a Chrysler 8.25 is also a good choice. Either way ditch the 35.
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    W.E. Rock

    So Katelynn and I are a little krazy. About 2 weeks ago we got offered to run someone's Promod car in the Promod class in Goldendale Washington. We are also taking our car to compete in the Sportsman B class. Katelynn has it easy as she just has to drive but I will be spotting both cars 8...
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    Lighten the mood

    Bitchin' Camaro- Dead Milkmen.
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    Teraflex DCRC 2022 Video

    That was a cool, well done video. Thanks for sharing.
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    South-West Utah 6th Annual Jared Memorial Run November 3rd-5th

    Attempting to plan a memorial run again. Would like to Invite all that can or want to to attend. We cater to whomever is here for our trail runs. It is just about having fun with friends in Jared's memory. I'd like to keep it simple and do it at Sand Hollow again this year. Standard BBQ will...
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    Lighten the mood

    I am at 20 vehicles including the the buggy. 6 have been jeeps. Can't believe I have owned so many.
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    For Sale SAS'd '96 Isuzu Rodeo

    Cool rig. Good luck with the sale.
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    So now what

    Nice timing on your part.
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    Crazy Kevs 3rd and Hopefully Final XJ build.

    Not sure if people are interested but this is the course we ran that resulted in the roll of the XJ. We were doing really well up to this point. Super bummed we didn't get to compete for the national title. We absolutely love the new buggy and it is SO much better than the XJ.
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    For Sale XJ Parts

    Sorry all my leaf packs sold. I have a bunch of random leaf springs if you need to build your own pack one you get your main leaf spring.
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    High School Tj Build

    This is what I was going to say. What is a long term goal. Head towards that.
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    W.E. Rock

    Well Katelynn and I finished our second comp in the new buggy. Day 1 started off a little rough on C1 with miscommunication problems. But our second and third course went fantastic! Had an almost perfect score on C2. C3 went really well. Got a little bit tipsy but we were able to front burn out...