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    need salt lake RV park recommendations

    Pony Express RV Resort & Campground in North Salt Lake I believe does long term rentals. Close to I215 but would be a little drive to Kennecot.
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    Wheelin/Trail Goals for 2020

    I think the Fall is the best time for HITR because of the weather, Springtime can be windy and stormy. My best HITR trips have been in the Fall.
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    Wheelin/Trail Goals for 2020

    Did this one last May for probably the 5th or 6th time. This is one of my favorite trails of all time.
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    Wheelin/Trail Goals for 2020

    I want to do a ride from Big Water to Escalante with seeing as much of the country between as I can over 2 or 3 days.
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    General Tech What did you work on Today?

    I didn't get any inprocess pictures but the runner now has 4.56 gears, let the break-in begin.
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    Farmington Canyon/Farmington Flats/Bountiful Peak

    Closed 11/1 - 6/1
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    For Sale Wheels, 17 inch Toyota TRD, Sold

    5 ea. TRD Gunmetal wheels off my Gen 5 4Runner. All have some rock rash. Off-road race-inspired 17-in. x 7-in. cast aluminum wheel with 6 lug nut pattern 11-mm. with 4-mm. wheel offset widens the overall vehicle track width by 0.9-in. (22-mm.) for more aggressive stance Incorporates the proper...
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    Getting a snowblower

    I have a Honda 4 stroke single stage and it works prefect for me.
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    Lifetime Products

    I have had one of their sheds for about 8 years and it has been ok, they may only be a 10-15 year shed but that works for me. I have had some of the problems that others have had but I am not unsatisfied for the price.
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    TBI 350 Swap Wiring Question

    The + side of the coil should be fine as a source of switched power. Connect the RED wire to the large output terminal. The RED wire supplies battery voltage to the alternator's built in regulator as a reference for the alternator's output voltage. The WHITE wire excites the built in voltage...
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    TBI 350 Swap Wiring Question

    The white wire goes to the ING side of the ignition switch but it needs a diode in series with it to prevent engine run-on.
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    Ideal alignment values (camber, caster)?

    As a starting point on the SPC arms try putting them in the "C" position and centering the nut in the slot. My son did the alignment on my 4Runner and it drives great. here is my specs.
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    Ideal alignment values (camber, caster)?

    Which upper control arm do you have?
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    Ideal alignment values (camber, caster)?

    You want to be close to 0 on the Camber and about 3 to 3.5 on the Caster.