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    For Sale Gladiator rubicon axles

    My friend put some in his TJ-6, and they are great. A lot of people bag on them because of the FAD on the front, but you're trussing them for a TJ anyway, so you really won't have any strength issues. It is a great option for a TJ in my opinion.
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    Tim's stretched 2004 LJ

    Thanks for all the kind words. It's funny how people double take it out in public - especially the Jeep crowd. I don't think they expect to see this modern color on an old beater. It got a lot of attention in Price this past weekend. It's going to be tough to keep it purty. I started to not care...
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    Trip Report Vernal Rock Rally

    Sorry I have been completely absent from the forum. I have been so extremely slammed with new job, tied up with event things (Vernal follow-ups stuff, Trail Hero, Jamboree, family drama, etc, etc, etc.) I just wanted to extend a HUGE thank you for everyone that came to our event. We learned a...
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    Tim's stretched 2004 LJ

    Just made a big step. I decided to paint the LJ. I went with my favorite color - Sting Gray. I did most the prep work, but had a lot of help selecting product, final masking, priming, sealing, spraying. I'm super happy with how it turned out, but I can't seem to stop wiping off the smudges.
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    Vernal Rock Rally - June 19-20

    Yessir. See you there!
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    Vernal Rock Rally - June 19-20

    Me too man. Looking forward to seeing you guys.
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    Vernal Rock Rally - June 19-20

    Things are coming along nicely. We have had a few hiccups, but I spent all day Saturday with the team finalizing a few trail routes and discussing some to do items for the event. More information will be coming, but feel free to ask any questions. We are really excited.
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    Vernal Rock Rally - June 19-20

    Some people have had issue if they don't select everything they want from the first screen. Text me if you can't get it to work. 801-598-6588
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    Vernal Rock Rally - June 19-20

    Added info to original post.
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    Emergency Meeting in Moab

    But that is yesterday. There has been a meeting for the past several hours about it with new developments. From what I can tell, the trail runs will proceed as usual, but some are saying they are planning on canceling any indoor gatherings of a certain size, and some outdoor gatherings.
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    Emergency Meeting in Moab

    What's the status? I've seen on FB that the vendor show is canceled?
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    Jeep LS swap for the LJ

    Dang. This is making me super jealous. Very nice work.
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    The LJ I have always wanted

    I love the backstory to this build, and obviously a bit biased to LJ's, but I'm glad you have found your love. I don't think it gets any better than a stretched LJ. I had a blast wheeling with you last week, and hopefully we'll get a chance to do much more of it, maybe with a smaller group ;)
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    Moab people

    I saw it too. I know nothing about it.
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    Bart's 2007 JKUR

    Man that turned out awesome. I watched Bart wheel all day Saturday, and he has quite a sick ride! I love that your jeep doesn't jump out and grab your attention, but it is super built and quite capable when you take a closer look. Great job Bart (and team)!!