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    Wanted "Pro" scooters wanted

    Sounds like it is time to break out your tubing bender and tig welder and build something a little more stout. 😎
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    barn049 is gross

    Maybe we can check this issue out @Greg
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    barn049 is gross

    Not me messing with you, but that a good idea……
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    barn049 is gross

    sent me a message trying to show me intimate pictures. Watch out, unless that is your thing.
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    Cold Chop saw

    I have the rage evolution miter saw and it is pretty awesome. I do hate the chips it sends flying though.
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    Free Kids duck waders

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    Child Tax Credit Checks

    A financial literacy class is required to graduate high school in Utah. However, we have been teaching math forever and that didn’t seem to help people use math to do taxes and finances. 😉. My guess is kids taking financial literacy will say, “what are we ever going to use this for”. Just like...
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    Child Tax Credit Checks

    Weird statement.
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    Off-Road Camp Trailer Build (version: overkill)

    Such a cool project!
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    Free Oxygen tanks

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    Free Oxygen tanks

    These are oxygen tanks from IHC. They won’t pick them up. I don’t know anything about them. The are about 2.5’ tall 3 available. Free
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    Free Kids duck waders

    My kids have outgrown these. free to someone else’s kid. Size 5 neoprene. They kids stayed pretty warm in these for duck hunts.
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    2021 Memorial Day

    What an awesome generation.
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    Hello from Utah County!

    Nice rig! Welcome to RME from another Utah county jeeper.
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    Helping an Army Veteren

    Good read thanks for posting.