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    Today I Want This....

    If you're ever around Cedar let me know and you can stop by and grind out a knife!
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    Today I Want This....

    Have you looked at Reeder Products? I really like mine, it's a great grinder for the money.
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    Gun Control

    PM sent
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    I Want A Drone

    I just ordered an Air 2. I went with it over the mini mostly because of the obstacle avoidance. I'll be using mine right now for checking my trapline. I'm bobcat trapping and my traps are all on steep rocky hillsides that are covered in snow. I really hate getting off work and hiking up in...
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    Heating a Cold Shop?

    I insulated my shop and It's hot in about an hour after starting my heat. The forced air heat exchanger I built makes a huge difference.
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    Are you using I use it and I haven't received any email like that. I started messing with crypto in 2016, in 17 when it went crazy, I put 5k into a coin called VeChain. It doubled my money in a couple weeks so I pulled the 5k back out and left 5k in it. Everything crashed and...
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Let's talk about the Biden family problem.

    If Trump was half as dirty as Biden I wouldn't vote for him. Listen to Rudy discuss what's on Hunters hard drive...
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    New tool; Metal Band Saw

    Hard to beat a band saw! I picked up a Jet 12x18 a few years ago for $200! My only complaint is the amount of room it takes up. This one
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    Race Canned Ham.

    Do you ever sleep? How did you round the aluminum around the tube, with a dead blow or something? Awesome work as usual!
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    Boat shop recommendations

    I made an alignment tool and a puck to drive the bearing on with. It went together pretty good other than fighting those hose clamps on the bellows...
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    Boat shop recommendations

    I drove to SLC to buy from ARock and get my boat fixed quick. After getting it torn down I realized I needed a couple of parts I didn't pick up while there. I ordered them online and realized that ARock charged me double what I could order them for online. I changed the gimbal bearing, seal...
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    Wanted 6"x6" stainless steel

    If you are going to be around Cedar City anytime soon I have a piece you can have.
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    Favorite carry?

    My carry guns are small, sometimes I only carry my little fold out NAA 22 mag in my pocket if I cant conceal anything else. Have you looked at Urban Carry holsters? They seem like a gimmick but I use mine a lot depending on the clothes I'm wearing. I carry my Springfield Hellcat and my Smith...
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    Favorite carry?

    I picked this Hellcat up a few months ago and I love it. Easy to carry and holds 13+1