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    Trip Report Trail of Missions, Baja

    That sounds like a riot
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    Your Pic of The Day

    I agree with Jesse, I'm glad my neighbor bought one. Clears potato peels like they are nothing.
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    Im too old to read that. It was small and I tried but couldn't safely read it for fear I would crash your future truck.
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    Getting healthier in 2020. Who's in?

    Seems that the smart watches will do it. My son wears his Apple Watch and it does it.
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    It also had some ditch lights on it. Sweet ride. I feel sorry for the daughter having to ride it. Her dad should at least tint the windows so she doesn’t have to duck down while riding in it
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    I saw @jeeper in his new expedition toy
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    I need to be schooled in SXS's

    I have a 2021 Polaris Rzr Pro XP 4 and so far love it. So far just dusty roads and plan on more. I have put another $4-5K in it since I bought it and still have a few things to do to it. My only complaint is how damn hot it gets inside but I am slowly finding and plugging these holes as I...
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    KTM Reed Problem

    Actually, its the plastic sub-frame. I have replaced my right side already but its been a year since I broke that one.
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    Fred is RED

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    Chasing my dreams

    My father flew for pleasure and for his own company. Always had really nice big twins. My oldest brother has flown for a living but mostly in the corporate jet world. He got his hours flying tours over the Grand Canyon and Life Flights airplane. He solo'd at 14 and got his license before he...
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    Trip Report Trail of Missions, Baja

    Does anyone know how much and how you can get on this trip? I see a Baja trip in my very near future. Trying to get to get there in the next two years but I am going to have to buy a couple of 4 strokes to do it.
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    Fall Color interactive map

    Wish SW Colorado had a little more color this year. We caught it just right two years ago.
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    KTM Reed Problem

    Maybe you need the same tiles that the space shuttle had to use. The speed at which us KTM/Husqvarna riders ride can cause the air flowing through our motors to heat up thus melting the reeds. We can't expect a pheasant such as Bryan to ever see this type of thing happening riding a Yamaha...
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    Vasectomy, the big V, the Snip. etc...

    No, but you can now roam the neighborhood with your dog. :thinking:
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    Hunting Season Opened for us

    You dont need a gun for grouse. I get a couple a year on my dirt bike. For some reason, they like to run on the trails and not fly off. Almost got two earlier in the month near Stanley.