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    Random picture thread

    This is a trailer full of fun. Mr Cheston Beck @ChestonScout got the #2 spot in the trailer and my youngest is 4th and I got the last spot. We had an absolute riot.
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    2021 V2R

    Proud daddy moments all around for you. It makes a parent all kinds of proud when you see one of your kids NUT IT UP when they could have pointed fingers and blamed others. I am so stoked for you guys and especially Jack. What an animal
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    Grandmas Skylark project

    Have you slept inside the house lately or are you still sleeping in the garage with the new mistress?
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    That sucks...I would still rather ride a FI smoker any day of the week. The altitude changes we rode in this weekend were a non-issue with the TPI bikes.
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    The RME street moto gang

    Not street moto but there is a section from Stanley to Williamsburg that we will ride on the asphalt for about 15 miles. Does that count?
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    Lighten the mood

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    Hunting Season Opened for us

    Thank you for the reply
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    Hunting Season Opened for us

    Where does one go to shot an animal like this?
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    Any Mtn Bikers on RME?

    Only if I can ride my ebike
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    Lighten the mood

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    Stag’s Lowrider Shop Truck

    Disposable income rocks.
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    The KTM 1090, a midlife bike.

    What is Ride On Balancer and Sealant? Also, do you need any bags? I have everything except the new Wildcat bag.
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    General Tech What did you work on Today?

    As always, amazing work. @zmotorsports I have a project for you when you feel up to it. It has to do with my Rzr Pro R4 and the mounting of some things on the roll bar. Let me know when you get some time.
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    Trip Report Colorado; Black Bear & Imogene Pass

    Have you tried the Via Ferrata there in Telluride. If not, when do you want me to meet you there?
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    Hunting Season Opened for us

    You're a good dad. I have always tried to spend 30 nights a year in a tent with my kids. The benefits have far out weighed the problems when I look at the trouble or lack there of my kids have been in. There are too many kids not getting these opportunities.