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    Wanted Scout II Dana 44 axles

    Front one just got posted on KSL, been looking for one myself, but this one is way over priced for what you get. Just an FYI
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    For Sale Warn Zeon 12S

    Wow, man, sorry you have to like almost give this away, if I needed it, $1200 is a good deal
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    Wanted Jeep Fleetvan, FC, or old bread type delivery van

    KSL: 1974 Morris Minor delivery van, this is a cool ride
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    Wanted Jeep Fleetvan, FC, or old bread type delivery van

    If you can afford it, COE these make really cool tigs
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    New garage shop construction - light gangs or outlet gangs for lighting?

    Maybe it’s just me and my old age, but in my 30x30 shop I installed 12, 4 bulb, 4’ long LED lights. Was great for about a year, now it seams the lights are dimmer, or I have just gotten too use to them
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    Old walnut tree

    Wow, we have two of the same trees and one is going though what you have described. Sad
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    Utility trailer recommendations?

    Same boat here, bought an Aluma trailer 12x7 from wasatch trailers. Love this trailer, it hold 3 quads or my two seater RZR. Light, can move it around with ease. Take a look at these, work the money.
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    General Tech Another gear pattern check

    Thanks for the reply. My backlash is set at .008 with an acceptable range of .008-.012 so I figured I was good. I too thought the pinion was too shallow and planned to add a thicker shim and the final. AppreciAte the feed back, been messing with this for a couple of days and started second...
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    General Tech Another gear pattern check

    Can someone let me know your thoughts on mine?
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    KTM Reed Problem

    Man, didn’t mean to start a KTM vs Yamaha war….
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    TW shaft is worth the wait, IMO
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    KTM Reed Problem

    I too thought about the lean mixture, but the bike, normally runs really good. Gravy, this is also something that I thought about. I'll throw the new card and reed in and see what happens. Thanks for taking the time to share thoughts and ideas.
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    KTM Reed Problem

    Also, to address the overheating. I run a trail tech radiator fan and most times the bike doesn't get over 180 ish degrees.
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    KTM Reed Problem

    Thanks for the replies. Just to add a little more info. From day 1 that I bought this bike I have ran the lectron carb, gnarly pipe, FMF, Slavens S3 head, and the list goes on. Recently the carbb has had a problem with, I want to say the needle & seat as the float bowl is way too full and after...
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    KTM Reed Problem

    This is a pic of the newer Reed’s I just took off my 2017 300 XCW. V Force4R Any idea why the melted? Im not a hard core rider.