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    Emser Tile

    Thats the tile I have in my kitchen and master bath. Bought it from, not Salt Lake but if you can't find it any where else they carry it/can get it.
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    Would you trust a Harbor Freight torque wrench?

    I got my craftsman from lowes a few years back when they started carrying the line, only $65. My HF that I bought when I was 16 hasn't failed me yet, and is what gets thrown in for trips with all the in case something goes wrong.
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    It is on my watch list now, I have been hesitant to invest in crypto over the last few months. Looks good though with a few of the stable coins using it.
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    Looking for a tile person: Need to redo my master bedroom shower again

    Same, crazy meticulous. He once hand etched bumble bees into tile for a little girls shower. Downside is it takes him a little longer, and also not sure he would travel that distance for normal cost. There are some companies that do custom molded showerpans that eliminate grout and seems, you...
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    Jeep 2002 WJ build

    Should probably update this. After complaining about the alignment they had me take it back down and apparently let the guy who knew what he was doing work on it. Made sure to remove the dual stabilizer as that apparently cost over $100 in labor. They did get it pretty dead on and said it needed...
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    For Sale Old home built enclosed trailer (needs work)

    Best Offer anyone? honestly anything he gets from it will just go to his beer fund. Solid base, i figured it would be about $1200ish for axles $300ish to fix the tongue, floor is okay I was juts going to put in new lumber to strengthen it up. If nothing here, it will just go to scrap which...
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    For Sale Parting out 95 xj

    How much for the 231?
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    Where my detectors at??

    Starting to think I need to invest in a detector and not crypto/stocks
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    Interesting, small ctrl grp but still interesting data. Would you like a shitty cold, or increased risk of heart failure? Plus the hgf and the other study showing the slow to repair dna chain follows, while you do risk lacerations from covid you do with the vaccine also and this study shows...
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    Lighten the mood

    Agreed, they are worse down, and don't really see a reason to use them that way.
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    For Sale Old home built enclosed trailer (needs work)

    My brother in law had to get this off the property it was on. I was going to fix it and use it but we just bought a new bumper pull and I need the space. I was going to replace the mobilehome axles with some 95" axles, fix the tongue and replace the floor with some 2x's. Axles are good if you...
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    I think I found a handful of payouts from pfizer in the 400mill range too. Plus the 20mill they had to pay for illegally giving kickbacks to doctors/pharmacists its on the same site, just search pfizer. Don't worry though, totally trustworthy
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    Not from me, you are free to make your own choice and if you believe that you are better off getting the vaccine then go ahead. I also believe (like I told my mother) if you are getting a booster you are likely in the clear of any bad side effects, I hope.
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    Auzzys Hotshot setup and build up

    How is hotshot? Is it as big of a PITA getting loads as I tell myself it will be?
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    Saw that one the other day at my daughters gymnastics in springville/provo, would have grabbed a pic but was hurrying to get my dog to the vet.