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    Moab bans plastic bags

    I made it 59 seconds into that video and was already done. I was probably really done 30 seconds before that but wanted to try and listen.
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    Moab bans plastic bags

    I don't have an issue with it, blah blah tree hugger but as many bags as I see flying around the woods/roadway/desert good riddance
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    For Sale Chance's Ultimate Garage Sale

    Still interested in the grinder, not sure where in line I fell. I'd have to get with you tomorrow or Monday though unless you're willing to hold for two weeks. PM specs price if you will or post it
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    Central Utah RME Fall Colors Tour 2018, end of September?

    I was just thinking of this thread as I'm driving through Big Cottonwood, colors are changing pretty good 7500 and above already
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    For Sale Chance's Ultimate Garage Sale

    Interested in bench grinder
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    What drone would you buy?

    Absolutely agree a second camera is needed with the thermal, what I meant with the XT2 having an optical camera built in tandem with the thermal we don't need the M210 where you can run two entirely different cameras at the same time. It would be nice to have a optical zoom camera onboard at the...
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    What drone would you buy?

    I work in the canyons for UPD. Salt Lake County Search and Rescue falls under our mission. I was tasked with finding a suitable platform for us to buy. The money is being donated by a citizen, his one catch is whatever he buys us has to be equipped with FLIR. I told my LT the camera alone is...
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    Epic food porn

    Now I'm hungry.... and need to buy a smoker
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    Any Mtn Bikers on RME?

    Wow bummer..... hope you recover quickly
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    The I-15 bounce!

    My Dodge didn't do it on I15 but it did it on I80 between Parley's and I15
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    What drone would you buy?

    Primarily yes
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    What drone would you buy?

    So if you had a $10,000 budget what drone would you buy. More flight time the better, some sort of anti collision system like ADS-B to help with clearance operating near Class B airspace. And the biggest catch is it needs a quality FLIR system included in the budget. Ready.... Set.... Go So my...
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    For Sale Single BFG KO 265/75/16

    Bump, someone needs a spare
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    No more Nike...

    Not what I'm saying, I think he's a cry baby that hasn't sacrificed shit. If he wants to fix social injustice that he perceives this isn't the way to go about doing it. Maybe say try LeBron James approach, or perhaps Jason Brown a lesser known guy who's helping people