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    General Tech Motor swap vs forced induction Just sayin' :cool:
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    Need a new commuter vehicle

    90's VW's were notorious for electrical problems, even some early 00's depending on which plant they came out of. While I can't speak for the brand new ones as the newest i've owned was a 2009. The electrical issues are non existent now, though as you've heard the stigma still lingers.
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    The Wife's EcoBoost F150

    Also had good luck with Ed Kenley, Ken Garff in WVC was good with me as well.
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    That be it. I would have thought 4B
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    Cancun, Cabo or??

    Probably should have mentioned this earlier but..... check out and then the normal travel sites Also i've only rented a car once in Cancun and maybe Greg can chime in if his experience was the same. Rental car rates are stupid...
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    Cancun, Cabo or??

    Strong rip tide. They had lifeguards all over the beach. If even waded in above your ankles they would swarm on you and shoo you away. Stayed there a few years ago, one of the better places I've stayed at.
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    Cancun, Cabo or??

    The place we stayed did not have a swimmable beach, it could be dependent on the time of year you visit. The beach was beautiful with a ton of soft sand.... just couldn't go in the ocean. I've never stayed somewhere in Cancun where I couldn't swim.
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    Cancun, Cabo or??

    Been to Cabo and Cancun, I like the beaches in Cancun more. That said i've never stayed in Cancun proper always in Playa Del Carmen or Tulum. Cancun proper seems to be the party place which isn't my scene.
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    2020 Ford Bronco - pics

    Looks like a Ford Flex mated with an FJ cruiser.... I had higher hopes
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    The new Ranger is going to kick Tacoma and 4Runner sales right in the nads

    Took me a minute, but I see what you did there. I was wanting to get all grammar police on you at first
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    Shop / Tools Effing washing machine that don't.

    We have some front loader LG's probably pushing 10 years old now no complaints on the washer. Cleans stuff really well and can wash a ton at a time. It replaced an old top load from i'm guessing the 60's I inherited from my grandparents. I was bummed when that washer died it did a great job.
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    Nice truck Greg. For those keeping tabs on my ecoboost saga, at 78k needed a water pump. Nothing else since last update. Rumor is I have a new one coming sometime in December. Interested to see how they do with the 10 speed and revised injection system.
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    The new Ranger is going to kick Tacoma and 4Runner sales right in the nads

    Of course they are going to say that, so that everyone buys a new one. Then they have to trade it in when the raptor comes out All dreams for me anyway, I won't be in the position to buy anything new for a few years
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    The new Ranger is going to kick Tacoma and 4Runner sales right in the nads

    I'm not a huge fan of the styling but an turbo charged 4 banger has my attention. Looks aside that motor would be enough for me to buy one over a Tacoma. I wish it had a manually shifted tcase instead of that electronic garbage but that's pretty much the norm now. I built one on Ford's website a...