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    I had some one do nearly the same thing when I was selling my house. Our house had popcorn ceilings, and had a section near the front entry that had some old water damage. It was all dry but a small section of the popcorn finish was hanging down a bit. Came home after a showing and about a 8...
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    Epoxy Floors?

    Well all done turned out pretty well, only beef for some reason they first two sections I did are a lot darker. I mixed the batches as instructed so no idea what caused it. Only other issues was a ton of bubbling. I spent quite a bit of time popping them but still had a bunch more pop up...
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    For Sale 24 foot enclosed car hauler

    2016 24x8.5 enclosed Haulmark car hauler. 7 ft interior height, 5200lb axles 10,000 GVWR. Bought this trailer to store and move my stuff while building. Not sure how many miles were put on during transport but I've put less than 200 on. It was parked mostly in the shade during my ownership. In...
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    Swapping a big block Mopar 440 into a Samurai... because they can.

    won't need a heater
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    Funny Picture Thread

    wo- wo-, practice with me wo- wo-
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    Epoxy Floors?

    It's supposed to be 50+ that week, instructions say over 40. Plan to borrow a big ass propane heater from a co-worker to assist. Would you recommend going beyond the "epoxy clean & prep solution" its shipped with for cleaning?
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    Epoxy Floors?

    I purchased the epoxy coat stuff, it stung, but buy once cry once right. I purchased it through Lowe's to save myself the $114 in shipping. Fewer selections on colors but I'd rather have $114 in my pocket. Putting it on next week after we close i'll report back
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    Helicopters/drones for filming

    I have the latest and greatest firmware installed, the telemetry data shows the voltage dropping to 13v for a few seconds then going back to 15.9v. I can't download any software for it, they have our work computers so locked down I can't even delete a printer I haven't had for 3 years. I was...
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    Helicopters/drones for filming

    Have any of you ever had a prop break mid flight with no impact? A Yuneec Typhoon H (used) was donated for our search and rescue stuff. I've been practicing flying around no real issue other than the battery occasionally giving a low voltage warning very early into flight then going away...
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    hubba hubba
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    For Sale Dakine tailgate pad

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    Any Mtn Bikers on RME?

    Diamondback Release 2. I just put a 2.6 tire on the front, haven't had a chance to ride it yet. I think I could probably clear a 2.8 up front, and the 2.6 on the back.
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    Any Mtn Bikers on RME?

    So a lower number "more slack"? and steeper is higher number correct? Just want to make sure i'm on the same page. I was never good at geometry My head angle is 66 degree's and my chainstay is 425mm. I think thats a fairly short? and considered more slack? My bike is a riot, I can't manual at...
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    Any Mtn Bikers on RME?

    Since i'm mountain bike dumb, what aspect of the ride characteristic does a short chain stay alter. And what is slack angle, same question