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    What are you listening to?

    That reminds me: I just made plans for our first post-honeymoon trip. I recently found out W.A.S.P. is in the middle of their 40th Anniversary Tour, and making it even more awesome, the opening act is Armored Saint. They aren't coming to Utah (of course), so I got us tickets to see them in Reno...
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    Grandmas Skylark project

    Using stock converter.
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    Grandmas Skylark project

    Irony: after typing the above post, I closed my browser and eventually opened FB... only to have it remind me of what I was doing four years ago today:
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    Grandmas Skylark project

    I vote (no surprise) for a 4L80E. Grab one out of a Chevy Express van in a junkyard for--what? A hundred bucks? Two hundred bucks? Take it home, drop the pan, install a new filter, then bolt it in and fill with fresh fluid. Buy the largest Hayden fuild cooler they make and install that in...
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    Grandmas Skylark project

    Neither did my grandmother.
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    Grandmas Skylark project

    That dragstrip flyer looks awesome. Sadly, between all the wedding stuff in August plus taking time off for a concert** in early December, I'm kinda out of vacation time until after EJS 2023. **: for our first post-honeymoon trip, we're going to see W.A.S.P. in Reno. The opening act is...
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    Grandmas Skylark project

    Sounds terrific! But you're right: my August is looking pretty booked up at this point.
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    Grandmas Skylark project

    ^^ That. If you're ever gonna run this car down the strip, keep the current setup. (I ran into this issue with my Grand Prix in Tucson.)
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    Lighten the mood

    Didn't you read the headline? The doll looks just like her. LOL
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    Lighten the mood

    I adore Ozzy Man Reviews, and I watch lots of his videos. Here is his most recent posting (and no, I haven't watched the video since I'm at work)...
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    Let's Talk Lawns

    I had heard that it was healthy for a lawn to be mowed in varying directions, but I could not recall the reason. I do try to mix it up a bit when I mow for this reason.
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    I need a burger.

    After running Hanging Tree, I usually eat at The Malt Shop in Ephraim. Decent place, though I haven't exactly sampled many other joints in the area so I cannot compare it to too many other options in the general area.
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    Tesla Thoughts

    For those of you who are math-challenged but nevertheless trying to follow along from home: The current Utah gasoline tax rate is $0.314 per gallon. For a BEV, the $120 annual surcharge equates to being charged the tax amount of 382.17 gallons of gasoline. If you were in a traditional gas...
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    NY SCOTUS NRA case
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    Any Mtn Bikers on RME?

    I had one of those type of mountain bike crashes once, too. I still got a concussion even though I was wearing my helmet, and I am 100% certain I would have split my head open had I not been wearing it. Who else among us is still here thanks to their bike helmet?