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    General Tech What did you work on Today?

    My thoughts exactly. I often remind myself that he’s one of them fabricator guys... so I feel better
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    General Tech What did you work on Today?

    weirdness. I’ll keep that in mind 🤣
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    General Tech What did you work on Today?

    I was here but I still don’t know what happened 🤷🏼‍♂️ I’ve always wondered
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    General Tech What did you work on Today?

    a whole bunch of old peeps in there. rockmonkey lives by my kids' music teacher- I randomly saw his jeep in a garage one day.
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    Radius arm basics?

    A standard setup would just be called radius arms. I bet cutting your frame is against safety requirements. The point is if you say you want a swaybar for road manners nobody cares but if you say you're doing it to be legal, everybody is going to think you're weird. Also if you were really...
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    Radius arm basics?

    Radius arms will be plenty stable on the road and provide lots of flex off-road without a sway bar. The great majority of TJ and XJ long arm kits use radius arms. I personally don't see the point of wristing it when you say you're not planning on hardcore rock crawling. If you were I'd say look...
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    I just opened a Roth IRA, and am ready to invest in the stock market

    This is my struggle too. The wife and I both have money invested in our ESPP and somebody was telling me we should cash out the day of purchase since we get at least a 15% discount and usually much better. Like this purchase term that ends this month we will end up getting better than a 50%...
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    and then...?
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    I thought that was destroyed in 1995...? I saw a documentary about it
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    The "trophy husband" pro mod buggy build

    Yes. The exhaust crossing over the trans is in the way of the mount I would've used off the top 3 bolts on the bellhousing. I could make fancy headers but honestly that's pretty far out of my fabrication skillset and I don't want anything that'll make the build take longer than it needs to. The...
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    Radius arm basics?

    @I Lean has some cool coil buckets with integrated mounts that he can make for you.
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    The "trophy husband" pro mod buggy build

    I got the rest of the front motor mounts built today. Two more tube couplers to hold it all in place and then the motor can be dropped out the bottom. I will finish the passenger side of the mount when I do the belly pan. It’ll just be a few tabs off the oil pan to the belly pan so it’s all...
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    Experience with '10-12 Dodge diesels?

    The rear of the 2500's went to coils that same year as well
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    Bent Rubicon 44

    I don’t think it’s worth putting effort into it unless you just chain it down and torch it to straighten it out.
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    The Jeep Dolly build

    Also I see a fender teaser in one of those pics :thinking: