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    Sage Off Road, LLC????

    Just a follow up on this.......I NEVER heard from them after several emails to different published addresses and phone calls to different numbers. I filed a complaint with PayPal and they NEVER heard from them either......30 days later, I "upgrade" the PayPal challenge and I hope to get my $$...
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    Rot Box’s Superduty

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    Willys Crawler 2.0 aka The Bastard

    This seating position will be good for that Flat Fender Gangsta Lean!
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    Today I Want This....

    Good news is that the underside will be spotless having never left the mall parking lot...... "Honey, I'm going to buy this salvage (probably) titled Jeep and bolt on every Chinese part I can find and sell it for 4 times what we'll have in it."
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    Your Pic of The Day

    Soo cool! I need to know and don't want to ask........... ;-)
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    Your Pic of The Day

    Red Cliff, CO?
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    Today I Want This....

    SOOOOOOOOOO Nice! Worth every penny IMHO. One of the best two or three vehicles I ever owned was an '88 Suburban.
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    Murder Hornet nest found in Washington

    Is Dr. Fauci also an entomologist?
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    Thanksgiving weekend!

    Can you get a Turkey Burger at Milt's? Asking for a friend.................... :rofl:
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    Trip Report Montezuma Canyon, Alstrom Point, Smokey Mountain Rd to Left Hand Collett Canyon (Oct 15-18)

    The skottle cooking photo looks to have a "chunk" of that snake on the ground under the may just be the ground/shadow, but I assumed it was Rattlesnake cooking in the pan! :rofl: I don't do snakes, I'd have put a couple of rounds into him/her!
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    Trip Report Montezuma Canyon, Alstrom Point, Smokey Mountain Rd to Left Hand Collett Canyon (Oct 15-18)

    Ok, clearly we are missing some details regarding the snake that appears in a couple of the pics............share the facts please! ;)
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    Thanksgiving weekend!

    Hmmmm, could be interesting. I'm likely available Thurs, Fri, then I'm on my way to Phoenix to pick up our new "off road teardrop".
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    How do you sleep? Do you snore?........................I was diagnosed with sleep apnea late last year and fought it all the way.....until now, 6 months later with sleeping on the machine, I feel WAY better. I used to just flat tank in the middle of the afternoon, now none of that. Just a thought.
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    4 Runner Recommendations/Warnings

    If not Suburban, perhaps Tahoe/Yukon? I agree with all that's been said re: 4Runner vs. GX.......the 4Runner that we recently sold just kept going up in value rather than down.
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    White Rim conditions

    Oh I get it, just wrapping my head around the transition from motorcycle travel times to Jeep travel times still. I'll start planning a spring trip so I can see what I've missed previously!