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    “Cheater” 3 seat buggy build/assembly

    I think that's sufficient proof. The buggy looks great! Thanks again, for the fun trip!
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    General Tech What did you work on Today?

    Maybe you should fix the deck you broke when you fell.🤣 Glad you're OK and feeling better.
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    “Cheater” 3 seat buggy build/assembly

    I'll have to rely on @Asbjorn for pictures. The only one I took was of the boss and the Jeep cooling off in the shade while chicken and steak was heating up on the grill.
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    “Cheater” 3 seat buggy build/assembly

    Made a quick Moab trip with @Asbjorn and his family last weekend. Got to see the the buggy in action on Coyote Canyon and some of the Hell's Revenge highlights. Great looking rig that performs well! Looking forward to many more trips with you guys. Hopefully a Montrose trip this Fall. Thanks for...
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    Tesla Thoughts

    Well, technically 5 figures if you include the two after the decimal point.
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    Free Twin bed

    Does it come with the craftsman nightstand?🤣
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    Lame Joke Thread

    A woman was three months pregnant when she fell into a deep coma and woke up after about six months. The woman asked the doctor about her baby. "You had twins, a boy and a girl. They are both fine. And your brother named them for you." "No no no! Not my brother. He's an idiot! What did he...
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    Is it ok to have a "make light of" thread?

    I'm not even sure what to say??? However, I think the description in the ad says it all...
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    Everbody is doing it...

    🤣 Got rid of a boat to make space for it... I should have done a build thread on it. I gutted it down to a fiberglass shell and rebuilt everything. Way more work than it was worth but satisfying to see how it turned out.
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    Everbody is doing it...

    I've always enjoyed hearing you mention it on here. I'll get some pictures and information on a build thread. This will be a long process but it will be fun.
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    Everbody is doing it...

    Well, this has been a long time coming. I finally pulled it out of my in-law's barn and brought it down to my garage today. It's probably been there for 25 years. The bed and fenders are in the barn at my mom's house. I've had this WAY longer than I've been into Jeeps. I tore it down to this...
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    It was at Strap Tank when I saw it.
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    Definitely a lot more details there than what they showed on the build episodes. The truck and trailer pulling it had Utah plates and I think he's out of the Vegas area. I didn't know if he sold it or if it's up here for a car show or something.
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    Yesterday in Springville.
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    Top Gun: Maverick

    I saw it Tuesday. Had to watch the original on Monday because it had been so long, and I really wasn't into it then. This one was pretty good. Main takeaway, not as sweaty as the first... What was the deal in the first one???
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    Wanted Tree trunks.

    Nice to meet you. Glad it worked out for you. Thanks for the help. Post pictures of the bowls. What you sent me looked great.
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    Lighten the mood

    Yep, guns would ways break before you ran out of caps and we'd sit on the sidewalk hitting them with a rock or hammer.
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    Fred is RED

    Hard to argue for a diesel with those numbers. My '15 3500 cummins does no better with a similar load. I'm guessing that was your experience with your old truck and that's one of the reasons you went this route.
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    Lighten the mood

    Real picture. Taken this morning. I finished a project in my shop a week ago and had all this left over wood stacked in the corner and I thought to myself, I should keep this. I might need it sometime.... So I quickly gathered it up, put it on the trailer and will be making a dump run - unless...
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    Proud daddy moments

    Nice job! My 4 year high school GPA may have totaled 3.7, adding up all the years. Let's just say I was not very focused.