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  1. Houndoc

    Return of the Scout

    With the return of the Bronco, I have wished for Scouts to be brought back to life. Looks like will happen, just not in a form I expected.
  2. Houndoc

    Next rig options?

    Starting this summer when my wife's Bronco Sport arrives, for the first time, my off-roader will not have to double as a daily driver. An exciting time, depending how much money I decide I want to put into things. Haven't made that absolutely key decision yet! Main criteria I have in a rig...
  3. Houndoc

    Any Switzerland experts?

    Later this month I am headed to Switzerland and trying to figure out how to maximize my time there. We land in Geneva on Wednesday about 3:30pm, have a concert to be to in Bienne Friday night and leave from Geneva 8pm on Sunday. If doable, areas recommended to me that have most interest are...
  4. Houndoc

    What languages do you speak?

    I know we have a diverse talent and skill set among the RME crowd. Got me to wondering what all languages are spoken here. Personally, I speak Korean, used to know Korean sign language but that one is long gone and currently using the Duolingo app to learn Swahili (probably won't know how well...
  5. Houndoc

    Deer units?

    Time to start putting together our hunt applications for the fall. I could potentially have a group who lives from Hurricane to Green River (the Wyoming one) so want to think of deer units somewhere in the middle of the state. I haven't hunted the central areas for many years. Thoughts on a...
  6. Houndoc

    Land scape designer recommendations

    Any one have a recommendation on a good landscape design/architect? We are looking for someone to help us with our design plans that can then be put out to bid to multiple companies to do the work. We tried some meetings last year with companies who do both aspects and had a hard time really...
  7. Houndoc

    Cool FJ

    A friend of mine imported this one last fall and has it up for sale.
  8. Houndoc

    New Deers Day 2022

    As has become habit, made a quick and cold (-23 overnight low at friends house we met at, hovered right around 0 all day) run to SW Wyoming New Years Day for a little deer safari. Good deer numbers, possibly slight decrease in number of bucks. Not many larger bucks who wanted to pose this...
  9. Houndoc

    Moab Dec 20-22 favor

    My daughter will be on her honeymoon in Moab this December, driving down on Sunday the 19th and heading home on 23rd. Her soon-to-husband has no real off-road experiences (and she not too much) and I thought it would be kind of fun if I could gift her an outing to Hell's Revenge or something...
  10. Houndoc

    Best 3 row Crossover/SUV?

    With grandkids now in the picture, thinking it may be time to go back to a 3rd row SUV/Crossover for my wife's DD. Without going crazy on price (for fun start with a goal of under about 120K miles for under $40k) , what have y'all had good luck with? Doesn't have to be truly off-road capable...
  11. Houndoc

    Missing the cool stuff

    traveling overseas always makes me wish we got the cool 4x4s here in the US.
  12. Houndoc

    Trip Report Trip Report: Uganda

    It may take a few days, but I will walk you through my recent 2 weeks in Uganda. To start, the purpose of the trip was to visit sites of some developmental projects I helped develop and fund through our Rotary club, in partnership with a Rotary club in Mbale, Uganda. We worked with local...
  13. Houndoc

    Rotary Fundraiser

    Our Rotary Club (Midvalley) is having a fundraiser September 25th. Dinner, motivational speaker and silent auction. Y'all are invited! We use the money raised directly for our "Operation Santa" project where we provide a 'shop with a cop' type experience (partner with SL Sheriff and Unified...
  14. Houndoc

    Contractor recommendations?

    I know, I am the man of many questions this week. At my veterinary clinic we are looking at some remodel work- updating the interior (paint, tile work, counter tops, some custom counter-type work, lighting etc) and potentially an addition. While in theory I should be able to manage the...
  15. Houndoc

    best late model diesel?

    I think everyone convinced me to drop the Titan XD from list of trucks to consider. So, the next question is what instead? I have been very impressed with my two GM products (Duramax/Allison combos). Sold one with 350K on it, my current one is nearing 240K. Was very displeased with my early...
  16. Houndoc

    thoughts on the Titan XD (Cummins)

    Starting to consider replacing my 2008 Sierra 2500 Duramax- nearing the 240K mile mark and business is good. I have liked my last 2 GM diesels. Back when I had a Dodge, I agreed with my mechanic that the "Cummins diesel is great, just too bad it is in a Dodge" (the only vehicle purchase I...
  17. Houndoc

    Duramax low fuel pressure??

    Had a great week at Lake Powell, not crowded and the new boat was great. But, as we pulled out of Bullfrog to start the journey home had the check engine light on my truck (2008 GMC with 6.6L Duramax) come one and 'engine power reduced' message came on (as if I couldn't tell by the 35mph climb.)...
  18. Houndoc

    Lake Powell: Stanton Creek access

    For the last 40+ years the Stanton Creek area at Bullfrog has been our go to camp area. Anyone been down their this year to know how usable it is at current water levels? Normally we drive down and tent camp. Considering trailer rental so 3 month old grandson has A/C option. Having sheltered...
  19. Houndoc

    ice chest and cooler thoughts?

    Seems surprising if this hasn't been covered before, so if it has someone just point me to it. But, what "extreme" ice chests are really worth the money? We need either a couple mid-size or one large cooler for our weeks at Lake Powell. Not having to buy block of ice each every day would be...
  20. Houndoc

    Restaurant with meeting room.

    Our Rotary Club is looking to begin monthly dinner meetings (7pm, second Monday each month) and want to find a good, reasonably priced restaurant with a meeting room we can use. We are the "Midvalley" club, so looking more or less in the Midvale, Taylorsville area. Suggestions?