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  1. JeeperG

    Random picture thread

    We need a new picture thread, after spending countless hours digitizing old photos, slides and negatives I feel bad for whoever has to go through my hard drive when I'm gone. Share a picture, one picture and maybe a description. I'll start. An older brother and cousin in the back of my...
  2. JeeperG

    Bonneville Salt Flats- 1934

    Kinda cool promotional film from 1934, Indy 500 stuff too.
  3. JeeperG

    Any artists on here?

    For the last few years I've been dabbling in getting back into art but haven't taken it very serious, maybe nows the time I use this social distancing to create some stuff If only for my house and garage. I've mostly been playing with pen, pencil, water color and pastels. One thing I've never...
  4. JeeperG

    Flashback time

    Anybody remember any of these people? 😁 I have this one hanging up in the garage, I remember I got this 16ish? years ago at the July Jamboree, I was down there with my brother for my dads Fordy Ford debut. As you can see it is signed by Todd and Linda, they had their YJ in the Jamboree, there...
  5. JeeperG

    My cousins bucket list

    Those of you watching my 40 build thread probably seen how a bunch of us came together to help my cousin get his 49 5 window built and driving. Thought this was too great not to share, I'm so happy he's checking more off his bucket list. I don't know what I'd do in his shoes.
  6. JeeperG

    Flexplate to torque converter question

    Anybody know how much play is acceptable on the flexplate to torque converter bolt holes. Bolt is around .37 and hole is around .41 so there is a little bit of play obviously. This is for a big block Chevy to a TH400, my torque converter is threaded. Maybe it'll be fine as long as I thread...
  7. JeeperG

    Free 2.5 Liter Header

    In the off chance someone out there besides me is still running an AMC 2.5 liter straight 4. ? Pace setter brand.
  8. JeeperG

    My brothers 1957 Chevrolet 150 Handyman Wagon (Goat Wagon)

    Posted this up before but here is a new thread about it, they have been out showing it off all over the place, maybe you've seen it? technically it is my brothers father-in-laws but they built it together, my brother did much of the work. Car was originally purchased by the father-in-law in...
  9. JeeperG

    58" wide Ford 9 inch or Dana 60

    Does anyone possibly have one of these laying around? Specifically looking for that 58" (outside axle flange to outside axle flange) width such as the ones out of 1966-1977 broncos or even a Dana 60 of that width will work as well. Thanks. G
  10. JeeperG

    We're an anarcho-syndicalist commune.

    When is the last time we had a Monty Python and the Holy Grail thread? :D 5Xd_zkMEgkI That is all.
  11. JeeperG

    RIP Russ Fullmer (Desert Dino)

    For those of you that don't know we lost a fellow RME member. He was truly a great man and I am honored to have knew him. RIP Russ you will be greatly missed. :(
  12. JeeperG

    George Carlin dead age 71

    Bummer deal, RIP one of my fav comedians.
  13. JeeperG

    Guns and Roses Chinese Democracy

    Yes thats what I said Its not on that site any more but it isn't hard to find. ;) Well 9 songs that is.
  14. JeeperG

    YJ Vs. TJ 4 banger

    Are there any major differences? Basically can I put a TJ motor in my YJ and have it bolt right up, use all the wiring, motor mounts etc. on the YJ?
  15. JeeperG

    Keep it or not?

    Ok so awhile back I did something bad to the overly huge 2.5 liter in my YJ, I have yet to have it looked at and to my best unedumacated guess it may be a main bearing? Well anyway shortly after that my DD 86 golf ran into more issues on top of the ones it already had and I really didn't want...
  16. JeeperG

    Mike @ USA ALL!

    Ok so anyone else getting the same e-mail over and over from him? I don't wanna count em but I am getting the same one about every 2 minutes. :wtf:
  17. JeeperG


    What do you do with them? Kill them? Let them be? I am in no immediate danger with them but I know where they come from near my place. I hear them fighting/killing the kitty cats and chickens all the time. :eek2: noisy bastards.
  18. JeeperG

    Attn: mbryson!

    Stop spamming me! :squint: Second time in the last few days I got a suspicious message from you. :spork: NO I don't wanna claim my free wii or try a new mac. :shawn:
  19. JeeperG

    Smart fortwo

    Anybody else seen these driving around? Keep seeing a white one and a red one around here. Maybe Rockmonkey could make a cheap buggy build out of one :D :ugh:
  20. JeeperG