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    Anyone Know Where I Can Find This?

    Looking for this jcase fuse terminal spade. Came off the LJ if that helps any.

    My Chinese Isn’t Very Good!

    That’s all. 🙄 😂

    Free More FREE Stuff! Get It ASAP

    Size small but it fits my normal sized adult head. 8” truck speakers. Been on the shelf for years. Just a beater trailer. Kidding!!!😂 More to come….

    For Sale Rolling Work Bench

    Heady duty table. Rough cut 1/4” table top with a slight bow to it. Built it probably 15 years ago. Very little use. One leg is slightly shorter so it has a wobble to it. I used to put a piece of 1/4” plate under that wheel to stop the wobble. Should just cut the wheel off and weld the plate...

    Free TJ Gas Tanks

    Two TJ gas tanks. One tank skid. All in goodish condition. Skid came off 2006 LJ. Not sure of the years of the tanks. Free!!!!

    For Sale Tool Boxes for Sale

    One Husky 46” box. Only a year or so old. My daughter decided to adjust the jeep seat while in gear and while pressing the clutch pedal. Her foot slipped off and the jeep jumped into the box leaving a decent dent it in. All drawers still function 100%. Think I paid around $400 for it. I have...

    For Sale Big Tex Car Hauler Trailer

    Big Tex CH70 trailer for sale. 18 foot bed by 83” wide. Surface rust here and there but still solid. One axle with working brakes. Boards are rotting, but still pretty solid. Lights are in need of repair, but the brake and signal lights work. At this price it’s worth just about every penny. $500

    For Sale Linde H20 Forklift

    Selling my forklift that we affectionately nicknamed "Carl". :D Linde H20, 4500 pound capacity forklift. Loading dock style with low height lift of about 80". Good running condition. Brand new battery installed yesterday. Has about 20 hours on brand new hydraulic pump. Just under 15k hours on...

    Anyone Going To Vegas/Mesquite soon?

    Looking for help picking up a trailer hitch. I'll have the guy meet you at the Moapa Valley exit a little ways south of Mesquite. Should be a fairly simple 2 minute stop. Need it brought back to SLC or close by. Thanks.

    Airbags VS. WDH?

    Boy did I jump/fall down a rabbit hole. Not sure I even want to bring this up on here, but I trust you guys more than the random internet. I have literally found every possible answer to this question, and every possible way of setting up the trailer. I have no idea which one is right. I have a...

    How Does "Auto 4x4" Work?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but auto 4x4 senses rear tires spinning/slipping and transfers some/all power to the front tires. Once traction is regained, it switches back to normal rear wheel drive. It's a seamless operation. So what's going on inside the T-case to allow this? Clutch, locking...

    Work Boots

    One of my most used tools, and I'm getting sick and tired of trying to find a good pair. The company I work for gives us $100/year for boots. My goal is to come up with something that lasts at least that long. Per the rules, my boots must have a "heel" (questionable?) and must be a safety toe...

    Jury Duty

    Sitting in the jury room waiting to go in to court. Never done this before, but I already made my mind up. Guilty as charged!!! 😂 So who’s done this before?

    What Pre DEF Truck to Purchase

    I'm selling my 1/2 ton truck to get an older 3/4 ton diesel to tow a large enclosed trailer. My budget is low $30k. I understand the 2006 Duramax to be the holy grail. What about the GM's up to 2010ish? Before DEF. I think I can get away with a full delete if I need to. Does that take the newer...

    Child Tax Credit Checks

    I guess I live under a rock(crawler). A check showed up at the house that we weren't expecting. Part of me says run to the bank as fast as I can and cash it, but being from the Fed, the other half of me says proceed with caution. So what's the deal with these checks and should I cash it? What if...

    Jeep How does my soft top mount?

    Can’t figure out what I’m missing or doing wrong. Top of the windshield has a nice big rubber seal glued to it. I assume that is supposed to stay in place. I bought a windshield channel off KSL assuming all TJs used the same one. Maybe that’s not the case. My frameless soft top has no provision...

    Boondocking Alaska

    Well, kind of. Boondocking purists will scoff at most of this, but there is some full blown middle of nowhere stuff as well. :D I grew up in Anchorage and have been meaning to get my family up there for a while. My two daughters have spent a couple weeks up there the last few summers, minus...

    Great TJ platform For Project

    My neighbors dads motor home Jeep. 2001 Sport. 115k miles. Was stolen. I believe he said he left the key in it. Insurance totaled it. He is checking on the buy back price now and will let me know. I went with him today to look it over. Probably not cost effective to fix it for a cheep Jeep or to...

    Wanted Ford Dana 44 1/2 Ton Spindles.

    Looking for a pair of 5 bolt short, small bearing spindles I can pick up today in the salt lake area. Good used or even new. Six States only has one. Napa doesn’t list them. Not sure who else may have them. Thanks.

    Thoughts On This One? I don’t know if this cop was right or wrong. I think maybe he was right. Here’s what I do know. I’m 99.9999999% positive I will never get shot by a cop. I don’t care if a cop...