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  1. glockman

    Happy Father's day

    RME is awesome for many reasons. One of them is the number of outstanding men who are great fathers. I see it all over RME. You dudes are doing the world a solid. Have a great day!
  2. glockman

    For Sale 4 VW Wheels.

    Not sure what they came off of. They are 17x7. Lug pattern looks to be 5 on 4.5 or whatever the closest metric pattern to that is.
  3. glockman

    Trip Report 2022 EJS Pic's

    Had a great time again this year. Oddly, I didn't think Moab was super crowded. I don't know if that's because Utah/SL county are and we have grown accustomed to it or what. The prices of everything are definitely higher than ever but it was still a blast. We ran Metal Masher Monday with...
  4. glockman

    Tow straps

    I vaguely recall this being discussed a decade ago but my rmefu skills are lacking. What recovery straps are people using. I have an ARB setup in the Jeep but my truck straps have walked off and I have a cheapo metal hook unit in the 4runner. Looks like the arbs are about $70 is there a...
  5. glockman

    White Wash for Thanksgiving

    I've threatened to do this for years but it looks like this year it will actually happen. We will be spending Thanksgiving at white wash. Heading down Thursday morning and coming home Sunday. Anyone who wants to join is welcome.
  6. glockman

    For Sale Puppies

    We have a litter of puppies that we are looking to place. They are un papered but full bred Australian Shepherds. Their mom is half mini so they may be on the smaller side. We have these two left. They are 7 weeks so can go to their new home starting next week. They are chipped, dew claws have...
  7. glockman

    Painting a jeep hard top.

    I summon the paint pros of RME. The lj hard top is looking pretty ragged and with winter approaching, I figured should fix it prior to putting it back on and looking crappy. Here is what I'm looking to fix. I bought color matching paint from Sherwin Williams in the spring. I think it's...
  8. glockman

    Long Range Shooting

    I've been involved in lots of different shooting sports throughout my life. My dad is a full on addict and has enabled me to shoot pretty much any sport I want. He's been heavily involved in long range for at least 10 years. I have held out this long but, he is getting older and I would like...
  9. glockman

    For Sale Kids BMX helmet

    Used a couple times when my oldest boy was racing rad canyon really nice helmet. Size medium.
  10. glockman

    For Sale Arc waterproof pants

    Size 36 over the boot. Worn a couple times.
  11. glockman

    For Sale Msr moto gear

    Pants size 36 xl jersey. Som wear but no holes.
  12. glockman

    welding shop recommendation

    A guy I work with broke the detailer hanger which is aluminum off his carbon framed road bike. He has both pieces and is looking to see if anyone can weld it back on. I think welding will cook the connection to the carbon but brazing it may be an option. I haven't tried my hand at Tig brazing...
  13. glockman

    Wanted TJ rear sway bar.

    Just noticed mine is broken. Anyone have a stock TJ Rear sway bar laying around?
  14. glockman

    Swr meter

    Where is a good place to buy one locally. I have this last minute cb tuning issue every year before ejs. I'm thinking loves or flying J are probably my best bet.
  15. glockman

    Free Glockman garage cleanup

    I'll try to keep an eye on this post but texting me is the fastest. 8013686760 Free to a good home, or your home, just not my home. Propane camp stove, not sure on brand. Used once I think. Pending pickup from Jeeper Rear dirt bike tires. They are a couple years old but no tears or holes...
  16. glockman

    For Sale 2001 Yamaha PW 80

    Runs great. I've owned it for at least 10 years. New tires, tubes, chain, grips and air filter last fall. Needs nothing but gas and a new rider.
  17. glockman

    For Sale 2013 Giant Reign MTB

    Size large, 26" wheels setup tubeless. SLX brakes and shifters. Rock shock reverb dropper post with a softer near new WTB seat. I converted it to a 1x10 a year before I bought my new bike and quit riding this one. Also had the forks and shock serviced right before I stopped riding it. $800...
  18. glockman

    Starting a business

    I know many of you are self employed. I'm thinking of starting a small side business building some items I think I can turn a profit on. Mainly something to help me pay for some tools, avoid some tax liability and keep me busy making money instead of spending it. I thought I'd solicit the...
  19. glockman

    For Sale Toyota 4runner CV's

    Oem Toyota CV's from a 4th gen. Boots are leaking slightly at the small end of the inner boot but not torn. Was going to rebuild them and keep as spares but I haven't. $40 each, I have two.
  20. glockman

    For Sale Jeep 4.0 starter

    Napa premium starter in the Jeep for about 5k miles and less than a year. Text gets my attention fastest even if you are looking for a 6 digit code. 😉 8013686760