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    New garage shop construction (p2) - Steel ceiling / walls or drywall?

    Metal is great. It's easy to clean either with a swiffer or an air nozzle and it'll look brand new again. It's a pretty common practice in shops these days. It's easy to hang and once it's hung that's it. It's done forever.
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    Your Pic of The Day

    I'm plain wore out with current events. Posting a pic of what you're up to or what you see sounds like a fun break.
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    TRUMP: Whats the real deal?

    Truthfully, I think this book would help break that thinking. Really, the book goes into how we/people/media use emotion to persuade and manipulate. I suggest it. It's not a perfect book but it was transformational for me.
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    TRUMP: Whats the real deal?

    These types of debates used to get me so heated. I wanted to be right and influence those whom were of a different opinion or perspective... even though I was so far from truly understanding all of the complex pieces. Then I read a book titled, "The Influential Mind" and while I was reading I...
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    TRUMP: Whats the real deal?

    Since 2007 the numbers of people coming from Mexico has steadily declined. My feeling about a lot of...
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    TRUMP: Whats the real deal?

    I asked my wife, a couple nights ago, "What would be the larger barrier to entry, illegal entry or the legal way?" As someone who sees and represents both parties, she couldn't come up with a quick answer. No one single situation defines each group there are good and bad folks in either...
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    TRUMP: Whats the real deal?

    I don't know anything and I'll be the first to admit it. I wonder, though, how long do they need to be shut down to save $5 billion in wages so that the border wall concession would be an equal wash?
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    TRUMP: Whats the real deal?

    TLDR: It's not as simple as the talking heads make it. They just want to excite your amygdala because they can manipulate you that way. My wife is an immigration lawyer and while she's the absolute pro, I've been around the conversation long enough to know some things. First thing, immigration...
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    Archived Flatfenders at EJS 2017

    So cool! I want a flat fender bad, now!
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    Let's Talk Lawns

    After seeing some of your lawn pictures, I am yet again questioning best practices to keep my own lawn nice. Even though I have read a ton online, asked neighbors, friends, and the local IFS folks I am still fighting a war on weeds, yearly. I know it will be a never ending battle with a...
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    Archived Mbryson EJS 2016 report

    So cool! I would love a Flatty.
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    Archived Where's mbryson? - EJS 2016

    This thread is missing a selfie! :D hahaha
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    Goblin Valley vandalism

    I don't think this should be an pro/anti LDS thread. These guys are dolts and don't reflect their religion. They're about as smart as that rock that was pushed over (not meaning to insult the rock :D). There are morons of every faith. In fact, if we could get a few rocks to land on said morons...
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    Archived PSH Cleanup 2013 - Time to Act!

    I dropped a $5 in. Good job, folks. I haven't wheeled there (yet) but I think what you guys do is great. I like the RME community.