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    For Sale SOLD!… (5) Black Rhino 17x8.5 beadlocks 5x4.5 pattern

    (4) of these have only 1 trail on them, and rings have some rock rash. Had the lug nuts start loosening up on one and started chewing at the holes before I caught it, so I bought a new one (another $400 🙄) to replace it. The damaged one would work fine, I’m just picky. Perfect for a matching...
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    My RME non-build thread CanAm / Win free stuff!

    As some of you might have seen, I’ve been working on a utv build and posting updates on FB and Instagram. Since many 4x4 owners also have utvs (whether you’ll admit it or not 😂), here’s your chance to get in on the beadlock wheel giveaway for guessing the final weight of the rig. None of...
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    AK barrel threading?

    Anyone ever had a gunsmith remove a barrel/machine threads on an AK?
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    Anyone attending Fabtech in Vegas next weekend?

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    Clutch actuator/pushrod issue...

    I've never had to remove and re-install a clutch actuator before, but I'm noticing that its not engaging the clutch now. Of course, it has to be clocked in the correct position otherwise it wouldn't go all the way inside. Its on that old IT490 I'm working on, but the basic design is no...
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    The new 1984 IT490 build thread...

    Recap of the old thread: My brother bought the bike new in '83 and a year later it was cart-wheeled at high speed out at 5-mile. It more or less sat for 30 years with a bent/broken sub-frame, exhaust, and misc. other parts only to be fired up occassionally. He gave it to me so I could help...
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    FWIW, riding Friday and Saturday in Laughlin (1/30 and 1/31)...

    If motivated to take a bit of a drive, I'd show you around singletrack paradise. :) 1.5 hours from Vegas (or 45 minutes if Tyson were driving).
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    The KTM 4CS fork thread...

    OK, who's got 'em? What bike are they on? Likes/dislikes? Discuss...
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    Set of 2010 or down Chev/GMC OEM alloy wheels...

    Yep, 8 on 6.5 stockers. Preferably un-molested by outer wheel weights. Can be either 16" or 17". Thanks, Von 801-718-8452
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    BITD Laughlin Hare Scramble race report and footage...

    While a lot of you were at the Rhino Rally, we were a little further down south for the BITD hare scramble. By we, I mean Myself and Sam Chesnut (he used to work at Teraflex before moving to WA. about 10 years ago). Anyway, its a moto-only event that covers mostly singletrack with some wider...
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    BITD Laughlin race on Feb. 22. Anyone wanna help pit?

    My buddy Sam and I are teaming up for this race and although we can pit ourselves or maybe get a hand from another team's pit, an extra guy would be helpful. Unfortunately, the Rhino Rally is on the same day, so it seems all our buddies that could pit are racing in St. George. It's kind of a...
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    Good used bib mousse FREE!

    If any of you want to try out running a front bib, my buddy Blaine @ OHV Service removed one of mine today. Its just gonna get thrown away unless someone wants it, like now! Install is a messy PITA, so I'd have him install it. His number is (801) 673-1911 and his shop is in So. Jordan.
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    Short notice, but annual trail riding in Laughlin.

    Gonna be riding in Laughlin Friday and Saturday (Jan. 31 and Feb. 1). Tons of fairly technical singletrack, but nothing crazy difficult (FWIW, its the area that BITD uses for their H&H race each year). Anyway, the area is just off the highway approx. 10 miles before dropping into Laughlin and...
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    Anyone restricted from canyon driving in 4x4 without chains?

    So, here's the deal. UDOT is claiming that 4x4 OR chains are required for Parley's (typical). However, for Provo Canyon they are indicating that chains are required for ALL vehicles (with no apparent exceptions). My question is this, has anyone in a capable 4x4 with good tires ever been...
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    Discounted Bib mousse's (new)

    I've got a buddy with a shop in the So. Jordan area that has a couple of new 21" fronts and a couple 18" rears for $100 each. He will also install them (as most places won't). If interested, call Blaine @ OHV Service. 801-673-1911
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    There is an open invite for 5-mile riding today (3/27) at 5:00 pm...

    I have no idea how many will be showing up or where we will be riding, but be out there ready to ride at 5:00. We're all parking at the main area on the south side of the highway. If you need to get ahold of me for any reason, call 801-718-8452. Von
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    Revloc/Dynaring auto clutch for Honda CR125 for cheap!

    I took this out of an '06 Honda CR125 i bought then sold. I believe it will work in '02-'06 model years, maybe more. $50 Von @ 801-718-8452
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    Opportunity for riding in Laughlin, NV.

    Within the next couple weeks, I'm doing a Laughlin trip. Actually, the date is set in stone, but I don't go out of my way to alert the internet of when I'm leaving on longer trips, so message me if you think you may be interested... Anywho, we're gonna be riding the same loops that they've...
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    2001-2010 Chev/GMC 2500HD/3500HD Firestone airbag kit.

    Brand new, still in box. $250 801-718-8452 Von
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    Wanted (4) 5 on 4.5" wheelspacers (3/4" wide or greater)

    Yup, thats all... Reply to post or give me a call at 801-718-8452. Von