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  1. sixstringsteve

    For Sale Ruger Single Six - 22lr 6 shooter revolver

    My favorite gun to shoot, I just don't get out often enough. 22lr/22mag (includes both) 6 shooter pistol. Super simple. Black in color $350
  2. sixstringsteve

    For Sale Ruger 10/22

    Selling my ruger 10-22 Hogue rubber stock stainless steel oversize barrel scope includes soft case and (2) 25 round mags $400
  3. sixstringsteve

    For Sale 2018 Iconic off-road off-grid boondocking toy hauler trailet

    5 Years ago my wife and I sold our house and bought a trailer to travel the US in full-time. We now have a kid, and we've decided to settle down in a house, so our rig is for sale. We've been through 3 rigs (2 airstreams, and now this), and this is by far our favorite setup. We searched high...
  4. sixstringsteve

    Anyone have a good recommendation for a spray-foam company?

    I'm considering getting the underside of my upcoming RV sprayed with closed-cell foam. Anyone have any recommendations on companies that do this?
  5. sixstringsteve

    Black Friday Swell Trip

    Open invite for people who don't mind camping in cold weather and traveling backroads. Leave Thursday night (thanksgiving) Back Saturday night. I'll be heading to the swell this weekend with a friend. He wanted to see some of the sights, so I'll be doing a little tour and 2 night camping trip...
  6. sixstringsteve

    For Sale Stock Tundra Wheels - Free

    4 stock aluminum wheels 18x8 from my 2018 Tundra. 5x150. 18x8. Painted black.
  7. sixstringsteve

    Hows eagle canyon these days?

    Im thinking about a trip in the swell lster this month, and id like to run esgle canyon. Its been 10-15 years since i last drove that yrail, and i remember a washed out section climbing back up out of the wash. Has anyone driven it lately? Do you think a fill size (tundra) could make it? I...
  8. sixstringsteve

    Chimney question

    Im trying to help my mom with an issue with her house, and i know nothing about houses. So... a few years ago, my mom remodeled her house. Originally there was an upstairs open fireplace (like the brick ones that santa comes down... with the little rebar stand). A couple years ago she had a...
  9. sixstringsteve

    For Sale 2018 Tundra Stock Suspension - $100 for everything

    $100 for everything. Or possibly trade for something cool. All of these have 10k miles on them and are only 3 months old. Came off a 2018 SR5 Tundra 4x4 double cab. - Rear leaf springs - stock upper control arms and ball joint - front struts (missing top plate) - rear shocks (missing rubber...
  10. sixstringsteve

    Wanted Wanted: 6.5' bed shell

    Anyone got an aluminum (or fiberglass) truck shell for a 6.5' bed truck? I'd ideally like to find an luminum shell with barn doors. My bed is 80" long.
  11. sixstringsteve

    For Sale For Sale: 2 Marmot 0* down sleeping bags

    Retailed for $550 new. 900 fill (I believe). SUPER warm mummy bags. I believe they're 6' long. $250 each. I need to look up and find which model they are. They've each been used 20 times or so, and are in fantastic shape. We just haven't used them in a year or two and it's time for them to go.
  12. sixstringsteve

    Looking for a cool lifted jeep for a video

    Late notice, but I'm looking for a nice 4 door JK or something else that would be great for a promotional video. We're filming a release video for a new hitch-mounted bike rack. Does anyone have a Jeep or cool rig in utah valley? You can be the driver. We are filming tomorrow afternoon. I know...
  13. sixstringsteve

    Searching for my next travel trailer

    I sold my Airstream and I'm in the market for my next trailer to live in full-time. Our favorite places to stay are off the beaten path, up a forest service road or BLM road. Most travel trailers in the US are made for paved RV parks, but I know there's a huge market for a Raptor-style trailer...
  14. sixstringsteve

    Kino the Tundra - Steve's 2018 Toyota Tundra

    I thought it was appropriate to name our new Tundra after an explorer. Eusebio Kino was an explorer of the southwest. He explored Northern Mexico, Southern California, and Arizona. He was the guy who proved that Baja Mexico wasn't an island, like everybody thought. Details: 2018 Toyota...
  15. sixstringsteve

    For Sale For Sale: Decked Drawer System for pickup, van or SUV

    I'm selling a decked drawer system in great shape. I've seen these in pickups, vans, and SUVs. This is in my tundra right now, but it's not a perfect fit (it's close). I'm not sure which model it was made for, but I believe it should fit most full-size trucks with a 6.5 foot bed, and wouldn't be...
  16. sixstringsteve

    Brainstorming my next rig. How to fit 4 mountain bikes inside a 4x4.

    I don't think my ideal rig exists. Or, if it does, it's probably what I own now (my 4x4 van). Regardless, I'm going to be using this thread to document my ideas and hare-brained schemes of what might work for my next rig. Feel free to offer your crazy/creative/out of the box ideas here...
  17. sixstringsteve

    5x4.5 wheels

    Anyone have any 5x4.5 wheels I could test fit or mock up with my airstream? Or some 5x4.5 wheel adapters to switch to 6 lug? I'm trying to see what size tire I can get away with.
  18. sixstringsteve

    Air bags for towing?

    How many of you use air bags for towing? The rear of the van is sagging about an inch or two when I tow. A lot is due to the bed and storage compartments I added to the rear of the van. I'm contemplating air bags to level it out, but I know nothing about air bags. Anyone have any positive...
  19. sixstringsteve

    I think I'm being scammed

    About to buy an airstream tomorrow in .CA. I'm scared I'm being scammed. Owner has great English, pictures, and service records. However , at the last minute he told me he can't meet me and third party will be meeting me with all the signed paperwork in his name. There's a lean on the title...
  20. sixstringsteve

    Any aluminum fabricators out there?

    I'm looking for someone to fab up an aluminum roof rack for my solar panels on my van. It'll be a simple box made out of angle. Anyone know of any good aluminum fabricators who have some spare time for this project?