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  1. RogueJeepr

    Wanted Overdrive trans

    Looking for a TH2004R trans with B.O.P. bolt pattern for my rat rod. These are common in 80's Chevy caprice, and other full size models.
  2. RogueJeepr

    XJ rear leafspring bushing

    I cut my exhaust pipe a few inches back to avoid bashing it off-road but when I installed the shackle boxes , it cooked the bushing on the leafspring. I'll be fixing that exhaust tip as well. Does anyone know what size the hole is to replace the bushing ? I have a box of polyurethane bushings...
  3. RogueJeepr

    Trip Report Blackrock and then some...

    Me, rubi on rocks and homefry made quick work going up blackrock canyon. No mud on the railroad bed rd. Just a few inches of snow covered the trail. At the top we discussed where to go next. Since neither of them have been there yet, I took em over to Lil Moab. Getting a little rowdy on the way...
  4. RogueJeepr

    NHRA--Vegas goes 4-wide.

    Is anyone else going to the Vegas 4-wide nationals ? They even tore up the 2 lanes so that all 4 are brand new. This is going to be LOUD.
  5. RogueJeepr

    Trip Report Another snow run

    Since it didn't sound like much snow for the BR run, me and DaveN decided to head east for deeper snow. There was about 6" or more in shaded areas but it was fun to check out different places. Once at the top there was a gate . So we checked out some side trails and enjoyed the views.
  6. RogueJeepr

    RMR raceway

    Looks like 2018 will be the last year for Rocky Mountain Raceways. I herd through an employee that they were building another track across 21st So . Probably a rumor but who knows ? Anyone know any other info ??? It would be cool to see it stick around. I've been going there since a kid when it...
  7. RogueJeepr

    Help me get a night sky pic.

    I've been trying to get a night sky/star pic for awhile. Every time I've been camping it's either cloudy OR the damn moon is out [emoji35]. I took advantage of the clouds last time and tried some timelapse, which was fun. So I need to plan our trips with better timing when the moon is gone. Any...
  8. RogueJeepr

    Plans for 2018

    Already thinking about next year's trips. Maybe more Moab or the dollhouse but..... While YouTube ing Elephant butte and Barracks trail really peaked my curiosity. So here's a few questions. 1.) Last gas location (will have an extra 5-7gall) 2.) Camping spots . We'll have our teardrop trailer...
  9. RogueJeepr

    Massive video making

    After making my last DVD (which took me forever to complete), I have a ton of video and pics to go through. Pretty much our trips from 2011 to present day. This started out with just one big trip a year to 2 bigger trips and some smaller campouts in between. As we got better with our budget and...
  10. RogueJeepr

    Trip Report Playin around.

    Playing around Bacchus today. Trying out the new truetrac . Met up with DaveN at the chevron. Also testing the weight capabilities of the trax he made. Worked great with our full weight on them. Spent about 2hrs hitting up hills and exploring. Sent from my H1611 using Tapatalk
  11. RogueJeepr

    National park fee's

    $70 a vehicle. Insane. Last year I decided not to renew my NP pass simply because im not giving the government any more of my money if I dont have to. Maybe they should charge the foreigners more who overrun the areas. Sent from my H1611 using Tapatalk
  12. RogueJeepr

    Roof advice

    Looks like im going to have to do a roof. I was told my roof wasn't done right originally and the 2nd was done the same. I had a leak over the garage (thankfully) and had it repaired. He showed me where some of the wood is rotted [emoji22] . Id need to know what to look for in the valleys and...
  13. RogueJeepr

    Midnight 4x4

    Gotta give Midnight 4x4 a big props. [emoji106] [emoji106] While adapting modern shocks on my hotrod, I couldn't find the proper lower shock brackets from my rod vendor. Always seen Midnight's display at off-road events and took a ride over. Had just what I needed and beefy thickness. Picked up...
  14. RogueJeepr

    Motor mounts

    Sounds like I need to do motor mounts on my XJ (but if im really gentle on the pedal, I dont hear it) Which do you guys perfer. Using a floor jack with a piece of wood under the oil pan OR Should I bust out my engine hoist ? Sent from my H1611 using Tapatalk
  15. RogueJeepr

    Ghost town

    Kinda dead on here. Roll call !!! Sent from my H1611 using Tapatalk
  16. RogueJeepr

    Do you remember this ?

    When I was a kid one of the DOT buildings was nearby. I remember seeing this car in the parking lot and of course had to check it out. Always wondered if it's still around ? Sent from my H1611 using Tapatalk
  17. RogueJeepr

    Fishing pole set ups.

    How do you guys like to set up your fishing pole ? (Top OR bottom) Mine has always been set up for the bottom. Running a water filled bubble and a small hook for worms, salmon eggs, other Along with a cheese hook , both about a foot or so away from the bubble. Sometimes I catch a fish, more...
  18. RogueJeepr

    Jeep Project (KK) Liberty today.

    Project lifting the wife's Liberty starts today. She's getting a 2.5" lift and some wheels I had from my YJ. Here's a wheeling pic. I was surprised at the traction control system on this. You could hear it using the brakes that allowed us to get through this. Sent from my H1611 using Tapatalk
  19. RogueJeepr

    Photography practice night

    Would anybody be interested in a photography practice night to try out your camera skills, maybe learn from others on settings, ect ??? I think a good location could be on top of Israel canyon OR other. Post what you would like to try/improve in your shots. (i.e.) I'd like to improve my night...
  20. RogueJeepr

    Scrap pile sculpture challenge

    While cleaning up shop. I have a bunch of scrap I've always wanted to make a sculpture from. Has anyone done this ? looks like fun. Will take donations like gears, engine parts, odd shaped metal. Sent from my H1611 using Tapatalk