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    Dumb injuries

    So last weekend I went to open a garage door and ruptured the lower ligament on one of my biceps. I had surgery for it on Friday and now have 6-8 weeks off to recover. So far this is the worst stupid way I've managed to injure myself, although I'm sure that can be topped.
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    Wanted Trailer frame or trailer axles

    I want to build an 18-20' enclosed trailer, upwards of 12klbs. I'd like either a complete frame or a pair of axles at least six lug 5klbs, prefer 8lug 6k. Anyone have an abandoned trailer project kicking around?
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    The impossible yet inevitable has happened

    Betty White died.
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    Wanted Single 7" round LED headlight

    I'm looking for a single 7" round LED headlight for my Goldwing. It's just a standard round car headlight on this thing.
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    Wanted Jeep 17" takeoffs, adapters for 4.5" pattern

    I'm having some issues with selling my Explorer, so I'm thinking about lifting it and throwing on bigger tires. Does anyone have some JK/JL 265/70R17 takeoffs for a decent price? I'd also need adapters for the Ford 4.5" pattern to fit those.
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    So now what

    I haven't seen any discussion of this on here, so while I try and steer clear of political crap, I think this needs to be talked about: What the hell is Trump doing? Inciting riots, his supporters storming the capitol building? Refusing to gracefully step aside and let the political process...
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    Wanted OBS Ford 10.25 3.55 or 3.73 axle

    My F250 was a Texas special with a four speed, and has a 3.07 rear end. I'd like to drop that down to a 3.55 or 3.73, so if anyone has an 80s or 90s 10.25 rear end with one of those ratios, I could use it.
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    Empty box van from eastern Oregon to Twin Falls

    Making my last run, taking my mother in law's stuff back to her in Oregon. I'm going on Saturday, the 25th, and will be coming back empty Sunday. I have room for about a pallet's worth of stuff on the way out if someone wants something transported that direction. It may end up smelling like...
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    For Sale 1981 E350 14' box van

    400 with 4BBL intake and 4350 carb, dual exhaust with glasspacks. I got this non running to use for storage, found it had a new engine, new tires, and some wiring issues. I fixed those, put in a new ignition module, new starter and solenoid, and have driven it quite a bit since. I have it...
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    Radiator transmission cooler as power steering cooler?

    Truck is a 71 F250 body on an 85 F250 chassis with an 89 7.3IDI and ZF 5speed. The typical Ford power steering "cooler" loops on the front crossmember is in rough shape. I'd also like to mount my electric lift pump right where that cooler is. I put a new radiator in this thing, and it has a...
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    Empty box van Twin Falls to eastern Oregon

    Looking like late January-early February, empty 14' E350 based box with a hitch. If you need stuff moved that way let me know.
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    For Sale 2002 Explorer rear center section

    3.73 gears, limited slip, trashed. Carrier and housing should be salvageable, bad bearings, bad spider gears, pattern is wiped. I planned on rebuilding, but I threw in a junkyard unit.
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    For Sale D60 3.54 gears new in box

    Motive Gear brand, new in box from about five years ago. Looks like they go for around $220 now, I'll take $150 shipped. These were for my 69 F250 diesel conversion, it had a 3.73 rear but then I ended up starting over on the whole truck. I don't have anything with a D60 anymore.
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    For Sale Random cleanup stuff

    I am finally working on emptying out my box van, and I forgot just how much crap is in there. All stuff without listed price is for offer, keep in mind I am in Twin Falls so shipping or waiting for a trip will need to happen. Repair manuals for Velvet Drive Marine transmission, one for direct...
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    For Sale 81 E350 box van

    I just drove my E350 box from eastern Oregon to Twin Falls, and I'd like to find it a new home. It's in pretty good shape, the front end had some damage years back and the replacement hood fender and door have some rust in them. The roll-up door needs some help, the original latch handle broke...
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    Anyone going to eastern Oregon?

    I need to go pick up a vehicle in eastern Oregon. Current plan is to get on the bus this Saturday and then have my sister in law pick me up in La Grande to go to the vehicle. Is anyone heading out that direction with a spare seat? I'll buy lunch.
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    Automotive and welding work

    Now that I'm through chemo and starting to get my strength back, I need to start branching out for some side work. I work nights (6pm to 2:30- ish am), I pretty much have noon-4pm available. I have a lot of experience in automotive, diesel, heavy haul and heavy equipment, along with...
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    Off road games

    I haven't been able to get out in a while, and it'll be a bit before my Courier is trail ready, so in the meantime I've been looking at off road simulator games. Years back I had the Cabela's Off Road Adventure series. The first two were a bit lame, the third was quite promising but kept...
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    Male breast cancer

    A bit of an odd topic, I know. Not one I ever put any thought into, most guys never think about it because breast cancer only happens to women, right? Well, this past year I found out otherwise. I found a lump in my chest, and after some convincing from my wife went and got it checked out...
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    Building for overland adventures

    So this is a bit of a new field for me. I grew up in the Northeast, so most of my early 4x4 experience is with slippery snot clay, mixed with gravel, mixed with smooth granite. Most stuff was just play stuff, go out, wheel, break it, limp home, etc. Living in Arizona, I spent a good amount of...