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  1. Jinx

    Need ideas to use bent 1" tubes

    Funny seeing those, my thoughts went towards saddle racks...
  2. Jinx

    Krazy Ks new build.

    Love the RME sticker! We will be rooting for you two!!!
  3. Jinx

    Lighten the mood

  4. Jinx

    Solar power who’s the best?

    Not a big fan of Solar, I hate that the companies offer amazing warranties well knowing they won’t be in business to ever honor those a contracts. The panels they sell are only getting cheaper in cost and quality. So basically the production you get today out of them won’t be the production...
  5. Jinx

    Here we go... 1969/70 Chevy C10/K20 projects

    Favorite style of classic pickups. 67-72 Chev/GMC. Will be watching this!
  6. Jinx

    Help needed trailering Wrangler from Moab to SLC

    I think this made its way home. Just FYI.
  7. Jinx

    Help needed trailering jeep from Moab to SLC

    Where does the Jeep need to go?
  8. Jinx

    Lighten the mood

  9. Jinx

    YJ build

    Very Nice! Spring under is a pretty amazing thing when is comes to climbing!
  10. Jinx

    For Sale Stretched 2005 Rubicon LJ

    Love this rig, so many good things in one package. Turn key ready to play!
  11. Jinx

    Jobs! Looking for a job? Is your company hiring? Post up here!

    Reference hell, I want a loan! Friendship dues!😉
  12. Jinx

    Cory builds Jayden a buggy.

    The way he keeps stacking dimes, I am starting to wonder if he will ever run out? 🧐 Awesome work!
  13. Jinx

    Lighten the mood

    Can’t resist
  14. Jinx

    Tesla Thoughts

    With the S,3,X,Y models available it’s a hard choice.
  15. Jinx

    Off Road Expo Next weekend?

    I will give you a report back tomorrow. Looking at the vendor list on the site, it looks like its worth the drive in for me. :D
  16. Jinx

    Utah Senate Bill 51, and what it really says about Vintage Vehicles

    two thoughts, #1 record you miles the first time they pull you over, then take away your birthday when you get pulled over a second time with more that 1500 miles in 365 days... :rolleyes: #2 if we can get 1500 trail miles on our CJs it is going to be one hell of a good year. :D
  17. Jinx

    For Sale CJ Rear Seats

    If you don't have a CJ, these could make a awesome shop/man cave seat. Just fab up a pedestal frame under them. :D
  18. Jinx

    Off Road Expo Next weekend?

    Looks like kids 12 and under are free. 1-day $12 2-day $18 Thanks for posting the schedule, I was unaware of that part of this.
  19. Jinx

    Off Road Expo Next weekend?

    It seems like there is the off road expo next weekend. Anyone going? Maybe I have been cooped up a little too long but I am pretty excited about going and checking it out.
  20. Jinx

    Lighten the mood