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  1. kmboren

    South-West Utah 6th Annual Jared Memorial Run November 3rd-5th

    Attempting to plan a memorial run again. Would like to Invite all that can or want to to attend. We cater to whomever is here for our trail runs. It is just about having fun with friends in Jared's memory. I'd like to keep it simple and do it at Sand Hollow again this year. Standard BBQ will...
  2. kmboren

    W.E. Rock

    Well Katelynn and I finished our second comp in the new buggy. Day 1 started off a little rough on C1 with miscommunication problems. But our second and third course went fantastic! Had an almost perfect score on C2. C3 went really well. Got a little bit tipsy but we were able to front burn out...
  3. kmboren

    Need new air compressor.

    So my Harbor freight air compressor died on me. I think I let the oil go dry on it. What oilless compressor should I get. I have a budget of around $500 to spend.
  4. kmboren

    Trip Report Delta Classic Rock Crawl

    The family all joined us as we went to Delta for our annual event year. This year Jeff, Ryan and Nate took it over and did a great job. Course were hard and challenging and fun. After day one we were tied for first. We made too many mistakes or we could have been in the lead. One of those was a...
  5. kmboren

    For Sale 18ft flatbed trailer.

    I am selling my 2007 H&H 18ft flat bed trailer. It has a 16ft flat with 2 ft dovetail tail and new 60 inch ramps. New deck in the last 4 years with pressure treated lumber. Axles are 3500 lbs each with eletric brakes on both axles and were replaced also in the last 3 years. New hangers on...
  6. kmboren

    Wells Cargo 20ft fast trac as car hauler?

    We have been storing my neighbors trailer at our house. He used it to tow his corvettes and camaros to car shows. Unfortunately he passed away from Covid at the beginning of the year. His wife wants to sell the trailer and I told her I am interested in it. The trailer is a 2017 Wells Cargo...
  7. kmboren

    For Sale Hitch bumper bike rack (5 bike)

    I made this bike rack but we never use it and I need more buggy money. Designed for a 2 inch receiver hitch. Hitch has built in anti rattle device. Made to hold 5 bikes. Folds down to get out of the way of a tailgate or hatch. Located in Southern Utah.
  8. kmboren

    For Sale 16 inch ORIs

    Before we had ORI help us out with our buggy build I bought a pair (2) 16 in travel Black ORIs. They are new in the box never opened. Come with the 1/2 inch misalignment spacers. $1900 for the pair. This is about a $200+ savings. They are backordered nearly a year. PM or call me. 8ol 5 9 two- 4...
  9. kmboren

    Matts off road/winder towing in trouble.

    Article about fraud. Interesting. I heard he was doing this but never knew if anything would come of it.
  10. kmboren

    For Sale XJ Parts

    $400 Custom made flat bottom skid plate for Jeep Cherokee XJs. Probably need to have your T case clocked to fit. This was made to fit a 4 speed atlas so will fit anything else. Also protects the Transmission. $150 Used pair of iron rock off road leafs. 5.5 leafs but probably closer to 4 inches...
  11. kmboren

    Wheeling, Wine, and Whiskey PodCast interview

    It was fun to do another podcast interview with Jason from wheeling, win and Whiskey. PODCAST interview
  12. kmboren

    South-West Utah Jared Memorial run October 15-16th.

    I know it is short notice but I wasn't sure it was going to happen with the XJ being down. I have a little YJ that we will be driving. I plan on wheeling Friday and Saturday. Also do a BBQ on Saturday after the trail. Probably stick to 6-7 rated trails. We will see of I can get my 8.8 with...
  13. kmboren

    Krazy Ks new build.

    So as most of you know my teenage daughter destroyed my XJ in a roll at Farmington NM @Nationals so it is time for a new build. Some back story is a lot of kind people saw and witnessed what happened and enjoy watching Katelynn and she honestly is pretty good at it and want to see her keep...
  14. kmboren

    Trail hero Transmission delivery.

    Wondering if someone would be willing to have someone pick up a Transmission (TH350) to be specific and bring it to me in Hurricane during trail hero. The Transmission is in Taylorsville. I would love to pay some fuel or cash for your troubles. Let me know. Thanks, Kevin 801 592 4 nine 2 four
  15. kmboren

    Katelynns Roll Go pro helmet cam.

    The best video we have. I was wearing a gopro on my helmet. We wear head sets and she wasn't talking to me but her head set came disconnected during the fall so that is why I was yelling.
  16. kmboren

    Hanging tree trail.

    I am in Manti all week and can easily be convinced to go run Hanging tree trail again. Saturday might be the best day but so far I have no solid plans on any day. Let me know if your interested. Kevin Eight o1 592 four 9 2 four.
  17. kmboren

    Hanging Tree Trail; Memorial Day run?

    After the Delta Classic Rock Crawl we are planning on going to Manti to visit my wifes family and I would love to run Hanging tree trail on Monday. Any running the trail or want to run the trail?
  18. kmboren

    Krazy Ks team and W.E. Rock.

    Warning. Long read. Well it has been a fun year so far. For those that don't know I Kevin spot for my daughter Katelynn in the W.E. rock Sportman C (stock?) Class. A couple weeks ago we had an opportunity to go to Mason Texas and compete at Katemcy rocks. (Eastern series event) First, we are...
  19. kmboren

    For Sale Raceline Monster 8x170 R 17 4.5 backspacing.

    We bought these with the intent to compete in them. They were wider than we were hoping so replaced them with a narrower off set. We got them in November of last year. Rings are well used (14 year old girl driver) rims are near perfect. These retail for around $2000 Looking to get $1200 out of...
  20. kmboren

    The Squeeze. Southern Utah

    A group of people including my self are running this trail on October 17th. It is an 8-9 rated trail with a high possibility of body damage. One of my favorite trails that is rarely run. PM for more information. It is worth the drive from SLC in my opinion.