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  1. TRD270

    For Sale Merrell shoes

    Size 12 Merrell world legend. Bought these to wear while I was in training but they didn’t arrive in time. Tried to use them at work but just take too much room in my suitcase. Literally worn them once. $70
  2. TRD270

    Ranked choice voting

    Okay can someone educate me a little if you know. So Sandy went to ranked choice voting and had several candidates for mayor. On election night they had "called" the vote for one candidate and showed all but two eliminated, yet were only reporting 21% of the votes counted an choice 1-4 were...
  3. TRD270

    Car Hauler

    Whats the bees knees for car haulers now days? Been about 15years since i've had one. Seems prices like everything else have sky rocketed? Just need a 16' variety 7k is fine. Need something to pull the new SXS with and figure may as well get something big enough to put the 4runner on since i'm...
  4. TRD270

    Sand Flats Moab Any bets to how long after construction is complete before the owners petition to get the area closed to motorized use because of noise?
  5. TRD270

    Little Cottonwood Canyon

    Not the typical land use for the 4x4 scene. But love it or hate it, the decisions being made will likely alter our use of the canyon for our lifetime. Public comment period is almost over. Both as a user of the canyon and former law/traffic enforcement of the canyon i'm adamantly opposed to...
  6. TRD270

    Free 4 275/65/18 Goodyear Wranglers

    4 stock F150 tires in the 18in flavor, bought a set of factory rims these were on them. All about 7/32’s Free or will trade for some Bewilder brew 😂 275/65/18 Goodyear Wranglers
  7. TRD270

    F150 Lift Opinions

    So the latest fleet vehicle is a 2011 F150 I bought to commute back and forth to airport last year. The time has come for me to finally come home and want to get the truck ready for some adventures. When I bought the truck it had a budget boost spacer leveling kit on the front. Not sure the...
  8. TRD270

    Late model F*rd Question

    Okay need a F*rd guru. 2011 F-150 with a 5.0 is the model in question. Does anyone know if Ford stamps the main bearing caps from the factory? I have the oil pan off to replace a stupid leaking gasket and noticed while cleaning the mating surfaces that the bearing caps are all stamped with a...
  9. TRD270

    For Sale 2009-2014 F150 Super Crew Ford All Weather mats

    Had these in my 2012 that I sold, pulled them out of the truck all my trucks since have been extended cabs. Time for them to go. Ford brand all weather virtually new for super cabs
  10. TRD270

    Home computer storage/backup

    Okay so I used to consider myself fairly tech savvy but i'm not hip with the times anymore. My machines are getting older and I have crap spread across numerous external hard drives and i'm worried about losing the data. Since all of my photos, videos, documents are all electronic now it's time...
  11. TRD270

    For Sale Weather guard truck tool box

    Have no idea on a price make me an offer, i'll get some pics up later its been used some of the paint is flaking off but in good condition. I have no use for it, figured I see if anyone on here needs it before I go to the KSL trolls. Lock works and have two keys This is the closest I could find...
  12. TRD270

    For Sale DJI Mavic Mini

    Mavic Mini fly more combo 3 batteries, multi battery charger, extra set of props. Memory card and you’re ready to fly. Only flew half dozen times. $300
  13. TRD270

    Wanted Cheap car

    Hey there party people, i'm in need of some cheap transport to get me back and forth from the airport. 4x4 or AWD is a plus, don't really care about MPG it will be rotting at airport most of the month, just need something that won't leave me stranded. 1st gen 4runner, or hilux would be great as...
  14. TRD270

    5th wheel/trailer living

    So, transferred from Hawaii back to mainland. Having more difficultly finding a place to live part time than I thought. Prices are higher than I anticipated so instead of giving money someone else I’m thinking about picking up a 5th wheel or park model trailer. This should not be moving often...
  15. TRD270

    Gun Control

    If you even remotely think there is a possibility of sleepy Joe winning the election, and you ever wanted to own an assault rifle or a magazine with a capacity greater than 10 rounds you best go purchase them before they are sold out. $200 annual tax for each one. Right now i'm on the hook for...
  16. TRD270

    Wanted Toyota 22R fuel tank pickup assembly

    Long shot since most the Toys around here are probably fuel injected. Been trying to get the 84 4runner road worthy again, working on getting it started no fuel, changed filter, no dice, changed fuel pump no dice. Pulled the pickup and its pretty roached and totally clogged on the pump side...
  17. TRD270

    For Sale '99 Dodge Ram 1500 $2500

    Listing my '99 Ram 1500 "sport" 2wd regular cab short box 318 auto 98k miles Bought this as a cheap run around truck while i'm home and yard project truck. Standard cab short bed so I planned to someday hop up the motor or do a swap and make it a fun cruiser. But as I mentioned in the...
  18. TRD270

    Free BFG KO 265/75/16

    Have a single BFG KO 265/75/16 10/32’s no dry rot or cracks Free PM or text 801-six five two - six one seven eight
  19. TRD270

    For Sale Sold Millermatic 211

    Sold Have a Millermatic 211 with auto set and MVP. Comes with cart and a bottle that needs to be re-certified. $1000
  20. TRD270

    For Sale Bose A20 Aviation Headset.

    I know its a super limited crowd on here that would use them. Moving on to turbine planes so selling my GA headset. Bose A20 with bluetooth. Just about two years old, everything works fine. Couple little cosmetic scratches from use. Has the dual GA plug. Asking $500, be posting on ebay when my...