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    Never Felt the Tender Touch of a Woman: an R/C Journey

    As my friend @xj_nate eloquently put it, when I posted a video of a R/C front end loader, “that man has never felt the tender touch of a woman”. That quote inspires me, so I henceforth reclaim my virginity. Now that that’s out of the way, I can make an idea come to life that I’ve wanted to do...
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    1999 International 4700… Tinyhome?!?😲

    Owners Name & City- Chance, Lahaina, Hawaii Make, Model & Year of Vehicle- 1999 International 4700 Engine- 7.3L Navistar Diesel Transmission- Allison Axles- 2WD. I can’t remember what the back axle is called. Front is solid-beam. Suspension- Rough Wheels and Tires- 22.5 Steelies. 11r22.5...
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    Stag’s Lowrider Shop Truck

    Owners Name & City- • Chance, Lahaina, Hawaii Make, Model & Year of Vehicle- • 1999 Mazda B2500 (basically a Ford Ranger) • 2007 Ford Ranger Engine- •2.5L I4 •4.0L V6 Transmission- • 5 spd manual •Auto T-Case- •2wd Axles- •Ford 8.8” rear Suspension- •Currently: cut coil springs in...
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    Stag shop stuff

    So I signed a lease contract today on a shop to rent out 😎 It’s a brand new building and is almost complete. The bathroom needs fixtures and the drywall needs mudded and painted, and then the building’s final inspection of course. They tell me probably about a month out from a “move in date”...
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    For Sale Primeweld 225 TIG welder

    With the move coming up, I think the TIG will go up for sale. I’ll leave my MIG for my dad to use when he wants but I’m sure he won’t get into TIG. It’s a Primeweld 225 and has very little use. I’m still on the first argon bottle. It does AC and DC so it’s good for aluminum. I have been getting...
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    Stag’s street/trail XJ

    Owners Name & City- Chance, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii (maui_xj on Instagram) Make, Model & Year of Vehicle- 1990 Jeep Cherokee XJ Sport, 2 door Engine- stock Renix 4.0l I6 -added a 140 amp alternator -Trailhead Offroad cowl intake Transmission- stock AW4 T-Case- NP231 w/ Teraflex “Super...
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    For Sale Boys size 3 camo hiking boots

    Redhead brand hiking boots. I bought these for my exes kid, wore them once and outgrew them. Size 3 boys. $20
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    For Sale ACO driveway drains system

    These systems go for about $100 per section. I have 4 sections. Let’s say $100 for all. (Yes I have the other steel grate that is missing from this picture) These are meant to be poured in new concrete that doesn’t have sufficient slope drainage. They have slope incorporated into the bottom in...
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    For Sale JL takeoff front brakes

    I have calipers, brackets and rotors in great shape, taken off of a JL but also fit Gladiator. $100 for all
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    For Sale New Yukon 4.56 Chevy D44 gears

    Brand new 4.56 gears for a Chevy D44. Never taken out of the plastic. $100
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    For Sale New Yukon D44 carrier (3.92^)

    Brand new, never had gears installed on it. Been stored in climate controlled room since purchase.
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    Logistics and shipping

    Can we have a logistics and shipping sub-forum? Many members are often driving along the Rocky Mountain corridor and many people need items from other members that just aren't worth the drive. I think if we had a sub forum where people could say "hey anyone heading through this area? I need...
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    Twitter redirection?

    Any idea why my phone tries to automatically redirect to twitter from every page of RME? I don't even have twitter, I don't even visit it.
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    General Tech Ford Superduty Dana 60/50 specs

    Dana 60/Dana 50 Years used info *THIS INFORMATION IS ABOUT FORD FRONT DANA 60's & 50's* *This information was brought up in a classified ad and should have been posted in tech.. (Seller requested to delete information) So here is what was discussed* So theres some info.