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    For Sale Jeep at Pick n Pull

    Just saw this on KSL and figured I'd post it here. Not mine and I don't know anything about it.
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    Everbody is doing it...

    Well, this has been a long time coming. I finally pulled it out of my in-law's barn and brought it down to my garage today. It's probably been there for 25 years. The bed and fenders are in the barn at my mom's house. I've had this WAY longer than I've been into Jeeps. I tore it down to this...
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    Red Butte Garden

    Is anyone on here a member of Red Butte Garden? I'm looking to get in on the Summer concert presale. It says you need to be Garden-Flex level membership or above.
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    For Sale TSL - 39.5

    Set of 4 15/39.5-17 TSLs mounted on 17x9, 8x6.5 with 4.25 back spacing. Wheels have InnerAirlocks that hold both inner and outer bead and a welded on rock rings to keep from bending the outer bead. Never lost a bead or even burped any air with this combination - more than I can say for the...
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    Not the way to flat tow
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    For Sale Lincoln SP-125 PLUS Mig Welder

    Lincoln Mig Welder. 115v This has been a great little welder but I just don't use it since getting a bigger one. This model has infinite control on the wire speed and arc volts. It allows you to really dial in your settings. Comes with what you see.
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    Hub Recommendations

    I broke a Warm Premium hub for a 35 spline Dana 60. Normally this would not be an issue as the Premiums are lifetime warranty. However, I bought theses used and, apparently, Warn has cracked down on the warranty applying to the original purchaser. Does anyone know of somewhere that will...
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    Halloween 2020

    My wife just showed me her new shirt she bought for Halloween. The lights and grill glow in the dark.
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    Lead Poisoning

    I'm no vet and may have to get a second opinion from @Houndoc but the dogs found these chukars that appear to have died of lead Poisoning. :rofl: We didn't find any the first couple of trips out this year. I seem to have located them now and have done quite well the last couple of weeks. The...
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    For Sale 35 12.50 17

    Could anybody use a set of worn-out BFGs? FREE 35 12.50 17 load range E These are pretty well worn out but maybe you need a set of rollers for a project. Must take all four, I'm tired of having them around.
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    Roof Top Tent - Nothing New...

    Took this picture of a sign at Bryce Canyon. It was showing camping, then and now. I thought it was interesting. They had a picture of a motorhome as the now.
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    Steering Advice

    Any reason I couldn't or shouldn't move the drag link TRE underneath the steering arm. I'm making some modifications and it would put the drag link just about parallel with the tie rod, leaving more clearance for a panhard above it. I realize I would need the taper going the opposite way or...
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    For Sale 20 x7 Trailer

    Posting this for my wife's cousin. All information can be found in the ad on the link. He takes good care of his stuff and is tired of the KSL crowd. $4k or best offer. 10,000lb ,20'x7' Big Tex Pipe Trailer
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    Clamshell Bearing Tool

    Does anyone have one of these that I can beg, borrow, steel, buy, rent, etc? Salt lake area...
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    For Sale 315/70/17

    Falken Wildpeak AT3 mounted on 17x8 Moto Metal 8 x 6.5 lug. These are a 315/70/17 which is basically a 35/12.50/17. Load Range E. They have 14,000 miles on them. Rated for 55,000. Rotated every 5,000. I bought a bigger, heavier camper and had to go to a load range F. Tread measures at 13-14/32...
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    Area BFE

    So what do you know and where did I miss it? I didn't make last week's trip to Coyote so I got even and ran it Saturday. We finished and thought we'd spend the rest of the day in Area BFE. Well.... it's all taped off and posted with no trespassing signs. A quick search on their website shows it...
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    Wanted Leaf Springs

    Looking for a couple of Rubicon Express 1445. This is the YJ 1.5 SOA.
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    Wanted Dana 35

    Ok, there should be a "needed" option because I know nobody really wants a Dana 35. However, I need a TJ Dana 35 with 3.73 for a friend. Hoping to be able to just pull his out and bolt a replacement in. Let me know if you have anything.
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    For Sale '48 Willys

    Posting this for a neighbor. I don't know much about it. Buy it and go Wheeling with Greg and Grandpa's Jeep. The seats in the pictures are not in it anymore. He had the originals reupholstered. He also has the original wheels. You'll have to call him for details. Asking $3500.00 OBO. Nelson...
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    Any stucco guys on here? Or, do any of you have recommendations? I'm just about to that point with my garage and need to start getting bids.