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  1. astjp2

    Wanted YJ leafs

    I need a pair of YJ rear leaf springs, stock or small lift for a small Jeep trailer I am building. 8o1- tree ate ate -tree 7 six ate
  2. astjp2

    bent axle?

    So I picked up 2 HP 30's and both look bent to me, does anyone locally have the tools to check if either one is bent? If not, I am going to build them...
  3. astjp2

    Straightening steel wheels

    I have 5 new pro comp steel wheels that are not running true, is there anyone around who can straighten them for a reasonable cost? I dont think I can fit aluminum wheels with my new big brake kit and my tires have all of 50 miles on them. Thanks tim
  4. astjp2

    Wanted TJ rims

    I am looking for a set of 4 or 5 aluminum rims that are 15x8 or 15x7 with 3.75 to 4.25 BS with 5x4.5 bolt pattern for a Jeep TJ. I have bought a couple of sets of steel rims and they were bent so bad that I was just wasting money. PM me if you have something laying around. Thanks, Tim
  5. astjp2

    Anyone have a press brake large enought to build some rock slider?

    I was wondering if anyone has a press brake large enough to build me a pair of Rock sliders for my LJ? I wanted a pair of rockmen ones, but they quit building them and I figure I could build a pair for less than what some of the vendors are selling them for.
  6. astjp2

    For Sale 5 33x10.5R-15 BFG Mud Terrains SOLD

    I have a set of 5 BFG KM2's in 33x10.5x15 tires with half tread, $400, located in North Ogden
  7. astjp2

    Free national park service passes for disabled veterans

    I am not sure where to post this, I got the email from the VA. Free LIFETIME national park service passes now available for disable veterans...
  8. astjp2

    For Sale 94 Wrangler locked, stroked, atlas

    94 Jeep wrangler, it has Rubicon performance and is a real desert cruiser! Dana 44's, Waggy front and Rodeo rear, Eaton E-lockers, 4.6 stroker motor, oversize throttle body, Warn lockout hubs, 32rh transmission with transgo shift kit, Atlas transfercase, Tom Woods DC drive shafts, buckshot wide...
  9. astjp2

    Does anyone have a Savvy Mid Arm locally

    Does anyone have a Savvy Mid Arm kit installed on their TJ that I can get a few measurements from? I am wanting to do something similar but I dont have the money to buy their kit and it does not fit my axle either. Thanks, Tim
  10. astjp2

    Wanted Looking for TJ front upper control arms.

    I am looking for a set of adjustable short aftermarket TJ upper front control arms. I dont care if the bushings are good or bad, I am hoping to find something that has clevites that I can swap out for different bushings. This is for a project that my budget is limited so if you have some take...
  11. astjp2

    Wanted late 70's mid 80's GM 6 bolt outers

    I am looking for a pair of 6 lug GM Dana/10 bolt/waggy outers, including knuckles, spindles, brake mounts, shafts, etc for my new D44 build. I am hoping to find some in the $100 range...or a whole axle if need be that I can strip. Thanks, Tim
  12. astjp2

    UCF Tummy Tuck!

    I just installed my Under Cover Fabworks tummy tuck skid plate, Its 1/4" plate and only 1 inch tall. I already had a MORE 1" mml, and 3 inches of body lift. Installation was a breeze, took a Half hour to install the skid. Now I just need to adjust the automatic shift linkage z bar to get...
  13. astjp2

    General Tech Spot welder

    Does anyone on here have a spot welder that is willing to do 6 welds on sheetmetal? Richards sheetmetal wanted $100.00, at least that is what the woman in High Heels told me....
  14. astjp2

    Need phone number!

    I am trying to find Gordon Turner's phone number. He rebuilds automatic trannys from his garage. He live about 3600s and 3600w. In SLC Thanks Tim
  15. astjp2

    DOM steering

    Who in the area has the ability to make me a drag link from DOM tubing:sick:? I want to tap 7/8x18 L&R ball joints directly into the tube with jam nuts....not weld in adapters:cool:. Thanks Tim
  16. astjp2

    Warn price increase!

    If anyone is looking at getting a Warn product, there is going to be a price increase at the first of the year. I talked with a vendor and just spent 600.00 on parts for my 8274 that I am upgrading. Tim
  17. astjp2

    33 engineering skid plate

    Does anyone have in stock a 33 engineering skid plate for a 94 YJ with a 4.0? Thanks Tim
  18. astjp2

    Just ordered seats

    Well I just ordered Corbeau Baha RS seat, belts and pads, they are located in Bluffdale so only 1 day free shipping... http://www.Racing-Seats-USA.Com , I called them and should be there either tomarrow or monday. Just wanted everybody to know that they are close to home...Tim
  19. astjp2

    Narrowing D-44

    Is there anyone in Northern Utah that has the ability to Narrow a front Dana 44 and set up my pinion and castor angles? I will also need the shock mounts and spring perches added for a YJ spring over...Thanks Tim