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  1. kmboren

    RME Meet n Greet, Dec 3rd at Bewilder Brewing

  2. kmboren

    Proud daddy moments

    Today is Katelynns 16th Birthday. She got everything done so all she had to do was go turn in the paper work and get her license. She celebrated it with friend wheeling.
  3. kmboren

    2022 Thanksgiving weekend trips?

    Look for Katelynn. She will be out with Jeff and crew in the buggy with a friend celebrating her 16th today. She is meeting up with Jeff and crew.
  4. kmboren

    Your Pic of The Day

    Went and cut a Christmas tree Yesterday. Snow was deep and I didn't make it very far up the trail. Bit always a fun time. Snow was 2.5-3 feet deep. Too deep for my little 33s.
  5. kmboren

    Random picture thread

    That's cool man. Congrats.
  6. kmboren

    OHV education requirement

    I made Katelynn take the course when she was 11 if she wanted to drive.
  7. kmboren

    Trip Report The Pickle w/ Vonski

    It is just the burden of buggies and old men. I'll climb in and out if needed but I have quickly learned that lots of buggy drivers don't need/want a spot so we just hang out. I'll move the buggy if needed and spot from inside if possible.
  8. kmboren

    Opinions are like jeeps............

    So much better.
  9. kmboren

    Your Pic of The Day

    Fall has finally come to Southern Utah.
  10. kmboren

    Trip Report Billings Canyon, Colorado in the new TJ

    Welcome to the club.
  11. kmboren

    Lighten the mood

    I always just tell my wife I could leave it down while I pee if she'd like.
  12. kmboren

    South-West Utah 6th Annual Jared Memorial Run November 3rd-5th

    I wanted to thank all those that came out and supported us. It is always a good time to hang with friends and make new ones. Looking forward to next year.
  13. kmboren

    Gas fireplace fans?

    Ours does not have a fan but we have a ceiling fan above that and with it pulling the air up it circulates it nicely.
  14. kmboren

    Your Pic of The Day

    I hate wiring but tail lights are all done. I have running lights tied in with Headlights. Brake lights and even reverse lights on a switch. I used Carl's pipe and some water cut plates to fit the LED lights into.
  15. kmboren

    Trip Report 2022 Jared Memorial

    It has been upgraded to the larger 760x Spicer u joints.
  16. kmboren

    Trip Report 2022 Jared Memorial

    It really didn't come down that hard when you watch the video from the top.
  17. kmboren

    Trip Report 2022 Jared Memorial

    Day 2 was great. Did the Maze with Stan and family, myself in the buggy and Katelynn in the YJ, James K in his SXS Jeremy in his buggy and Marc and his wife watched from above. Katelynn got rowdy on the "flipper" obstacle but made it fine. Rest of the trail went off without any problems and with...
  18. kmboren

    Sandy the buggy

    Glad I could push you beyond what you thought/wanted and show you around. Come back soon after you get your steering situated.
  19. kmboren

    Trip Report 2022 Jared Memorial

    🤷‍♂️ After market wired switch. It was wired up from our builders. Should have a fuse but not sure if it does. Would have prevented that I think.
  20. kmboren

    Trip Report 2022 Jared Memorial

    Not sure. A bunch of hot melted wires that melted to each other. Once they did that it was all over.