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  1. TRD270

    Just an Awesome Video thread

    Some incredibly awesome scenes in this
  2. TRD270

    RME Land Owners Group??

    Not the best either but this is what I come up with 38°45'30.2"N 110°20'22.0"W
  3. TRD270

    4l60 rebuild shop recommendations

    No personal experience, but my mechanic pal sends all his work to Freeway Transmissions in Murray. He speaks highly of them but that’s all I know.
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    Mental health: it’s ok to talk.

    So how much a share? :grimacing:
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    Lighten the mood

    Not gonna lie I want one 😂😂😂
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    The camp chair conundrum

    Can I order just a new cover? My chairs are fine but my covers….. not so much
  7. TRD270

    Sandy the buggy

    Bigger question was the 80 mph one necessary? 🤔
  8. TRD270

    What are you listening to?

    My YouTube feed consists of drummer vids and off-road vids. This popped up today and was too cool not to share. Damn guitar is bigger than her!
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    General Tech What did you work on Today?

    Give @Greg some time I’m sure he’ll LS swap one :cody:
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    picatinny rail sight setups---what do you have and like

    FWIW this is what we used in the military. I was an armorer and never saw one break. They also hold their zero really well. Not sure if this is the same brand but looks the same.
  11. TRD270

    picatinny rail sight setups---what do you have and like

    Close range if my flashlight is on you you’re taking round. Outside 15yards eotech. Don’t even have iron sights on my gun. Eotech has been rock solid for 15 years never failed even after bouncing around in the expedition for 9 years.
  12. TRD270

    picatinny rail sight setups---what do you have and like

    I just shoot with the sonar returns I get from my newly mounted clown horn :rofl:
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    I regret to inform all of you...

  14. TRD270

    RME Meet n Greet, Dec 3rd at Bewilder Brewing

    You people and your free time...
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    Funny video thread...

    Sooooooo I watch your video and this is what auto played next 😂
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    Duck Jeep? WTF??

    This isn’t isolated to Utah, I’ve seen them on dashboards all over the country
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    Gladiator Soft Shell

    The sides of mine would suck in 4-5 inches where the frame was sticking out. May have just been the shape of the Tacoma that would create that vacuum
  18. TRD270

    Gladiator Soft Shell

    Had one on my Tacoma, functionally I loved it. The Tacoma however hated. At high speed it would get sucked in so bad it screwed with the aerodynamics it killed my power and MPG. Legit couldn’t hold OD on the Highway with it installed. Sold it and very much over paid for a very hard to find hard...
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    Lighten the mood

    “Like” a 14 bolt guy? Thought you were already in that club