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  1. Homefryy

    Any land lords ever had the pleasure of evicting tenants?

    It looks like the small claims court filing fee is only $35 in Hawaii.,intend%20to%20file%20the%20complaint. In Hawaii the landlord is required to give you your security deposit back within 14...
  2. Homefryy

    Matt's Offroad Recovery (Winder Towing) out of Hurricane, Utah

    I agree. You can tell because of the way it is.
  3. Homefryy

    3D Printing Job

    I have built two barn doors for closets in my house. I like the floor guides that are a single fin that rides in a groove you cut into the bottom of the door.
  4. Homefryy

    Do you Hot Tub? Tubbers Delight

    Must be a really hot tub. Usually people get intimate in them, not with them.
  5. Homefryy

    For Sale SOLD LARGE & high capacity 110v air compressor

    Interested. Do you have any specs (or estimates) on amp draw and CFM?
  6. Homefryy

    Cordless Electric Lawnmowers

    I love having an battery operated mower. It is so much more peaceful when mowing without all the noise and so nice to just hit a button and go rather than having to pull start it and deal with all that. I have to stop frequently when mowing to pick up dog toys and not having to pull start it...
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    I believe it can vary a lot depending on the geography of the miner location and how many other miners are in the area. My understanding of the way earnings work is the network chooses a single miner to broadcast some signal. The more other miners that are able to receive that signal (referred...
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    I really like the Helium project. It is one of the only crypto projects that actually has the miners doing something extremely useful instead of just turning electricity into heat. I don't think its any more skynet like than the wireless networks we have already that track your phone location...
  9. Homefryy

    DCRC 2022 is gonna be freaking awesomer--- if you want it to be. :D

    I would love it if they had a "casual" class with close to zero rollover risk and were able to drop the requirements for a cage and harness for that class so I could compete in my XJ. I feel like that would bring in a lot of new people but maybe it would just be really boring. On an unrelated...
  10. Homefryy

    Drill bit sets

    Anybody know of a set where the bits put themselves back when you are done? I have a tendency to lose my drill bits before they get dull. Would pay top dollar for un-lose-able drill bits.
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    I don't think the definition of "mandate" according to ancient Roman or Louisiana law really applies in a broad sense. Also just because people refer to it as a "mask mandate" casually doesn't mean that is what it actually is. It is a "Public Health Order" and you won't find the work "mandate"...
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    It means 17% of people who get tested are testing positive. A higher positivity rate indicates that there is a higher likelihood that there are cases in the population that are not being identified.
  13. Homefryy

    Matrix Resurrections

    I really liked the first part of the movie where the video game and mental issue were used to explain the original trilogy. I think it could have been a good way to wrap up the series if they had stuck with it. I think the movie is better if you assume that is still what is going on for the rest...
  14. Homefryy

    What are you listening to?

    I just discovered the newest album from The Killers (Pressure Machine) that was released this year. Its a Bruce Springsteen inspired concept album inspired by the lead singers time growing up in Nephi. The whole album is really good.
  15. Homefryy

    Wanted Rooftop Ski Rack

    I am looking for a rooftop ski rack to put on my LX470. I have the stock cross bars as well as round Yakima bars that I can mount to. Anybody in the Salt Lake area have one they are looking to get rid of?
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    HIPAA only applies to healthcare providers with access to your personal health information. It doesn't apply to your boss, HR, coworker, friend, etc... If you disclose personal health information to a 3rd party not bound by HIPAA they can legally share if with whoever they want. This situation...
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    For Sale Kona mountain bike

    Interested. I'll text you about it.
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    The Coffee thread

    I like good coffee but I also don't mind mediocre coffee and like saving money. For a while I have been using Dunkin Donuts medium roast whole bean coffee as my daily drinker. When I want better coffee my go to is La Barba because my brother is one of the founders/owners of it. I grind my...
  19. Homefryy

    Google Fiber Vs 5g

    I have Google Fiber and the other month my internet must have been out for a 2.5ish hours but I never noticed it. I only realized when I got an email saying they were refunding me $0.50 due to an outage. They refund 2x what you pay per unit of time for the length of time the outage occurred. So...
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    Official Krazy K's RME Fundraiser/Sponsorship

    Donated. The $1,000 goal is a bit weak. We gotta get the Krazy K's at least $2K!