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  1. Hickey

    General Tech What did you work on Today?

    It’s a freedom I enjoy myself. 😆
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    Lighten the mood

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    Your Pic of The Day

    Don’t forget the dog!
  4. Hickey

    Trip Report Rock Junction @ 21 Road - Breaking in the new mods

    When is YOURS gonna be done?
  5. Hickey

    Record Snow pack, floods next?

    Yup. The road crews have done a lot to shore up the edges of the river, but it’s higher than I’ve ever seen it in spring.
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    Northern Utah Anyone been on Hanging Tree this year?

    Recent footage
  7. Hickey

    Let's Talk Lawns

    The grass seed is slowly starting to thicken. The slope of my front yard is a bit challenging when seeding. The seeds float down river until they take hold. I raked in a little more seed into the sparse areas.
  8. Hickey

    Let's Talk Lawns

    Sell them to your hippy neighbors. There are anti-fungal sprays you can apply.
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    Happy June 4th!

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    Lighten the mood

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    Your Pic of The Day

    Soon to be a “Hardcore Snowflake” 😎
  12. Hickey

    Stripping powdercoat

    I get better results with paint stripper if I score the paint first.
  13. Hickey

    60" wide Dana 44 for YJ

    Yeah that’s definitely the easiest candidate for what your wanting.
  14. Hickey

    Moab next weekend?

    I’m 100% in. I’ll drag @SoopaHick with me.
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    General Tech What did you work on Today?

    Added some rear axle tie-down points for chains. I tried straps in the rear for a minute, and I just hate it. #2beerweld
  16. Hickey

    The GMRS Radio Thread

    GMRS is for people who don’t care about HAM people who care about a stupid test and constantly berate you and call you scared or poor or stupid or whatever because you don’t care about their beloved test. Also, you can legally transmit 50w on GMRS.
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    Jeep Speed Goat TJ, the anti-build thread

    Quick shipping!! Would buy again!!
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    The GMRS Radio Thread

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    Your Pic of The Day

    “Trail Hater”