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  1. bryson

    Toyota Shop/Guy

    The Big O Sandy guys are the ones that now work at Impulse Offroad.
  2. bryson

    Your Pic of The Day

    Downtown SLC currently. 2xx East and 200 South. Started last night just after midnight. Apparently it's an abandoned building. Won't be standing for much longer...
  3. bryson

    Jeep Speed Goat TJ, the anti-build thread

    From the pics it looks like the front of your engine skid mounts to the engine (at the plate bolted to the block) itself? And the rear of the skid mounts to the t-case skid which I'm assuming is frame mounted? Do you anticipate issues with things flexing with the front being drivetrain...
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    Free Garage clean out- free stuff!

    I want this. Please and thank you.
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    For Sale C Channel 6"

  6. bryson

    Free TJ hood ( free)

    Are those vents actually cut into the hood, or just stuck on there?
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    Lighten the mood

  8. bryson

    Lighten the mood

  9. bryson

    Dual Stage vs Single Stage Airbags

    Not it. Airbags are scary.
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    Pritchett Canyon Parking Lot

    I was told everything on the river side of that road is now closed and actually chained off, along with the campground right at the Pritchett entrance. The Pritchett trail has not been affected as far as I know. I don't know about the actual parking lot just up and across the road from the...
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    Lighten the mood

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    Gawynz Manche Thread

    I think I'd worry more about the bolt heads pulling through the crossmember than breaking in tension... Especially if the crossmember/mount is only 1/8"+ the stock tinfoil.
  13. bryson

    For Sale Enfield .303 Rifle w/Ammo

    .303 British ammo.;) This gun is really neat to shoot...
  14. bryson

    Duck Jeep? WTF??

    He got faux-cked.
  15. bryson

    #iwannagofast ZJ build

    What are those tabs on the lower eyelet there for anyways?
  16. bryson

    EJS 2023 Jeep Concepts

    I wish they'd do something a little more creative than body mods or body swaps on JK/JL chassis though... I know that's not all of what they've done, it just seems like the vast majority of concepts for the last several years have been mostly that.
  17. bryson

    #iwannagofast ZJ build

    That looks like it'll be all sorts of mixed up on compression... If the shock shaft barely clears at droop, is there any way the shock body will clear on compression? It sure looks like there will be interference...
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    Lighten the mood

  19. bryson

    Diesel Land Cruiser thoughts?

    As with any vehicle, it's all about maintenance and use history, and I'd rely on that more than anything. But, the 1HDT is a very common and very reliable engine - it's the diesel that most US "Land Cruiser guys" lust for. I'm sure @cruiseroutfit will have more info for you...
  20. bryson

    The Trailantula

    Curious why the rotors just got enlarged holes rather than re-drilling the pattern like the hubs... I assume just because it's quicker/easier and there is no need for precision since the center bore locates it?