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  1. ebryson

    EJS 2023

    I'm looking to expand my gunning opportunities for EJS. In the past I've done and hoping to continue Fins and things (Saturday) and Poison Spider (Sunday). I'm hoping to add just and additional day on Monday or Tuesday. Let me know if anyone would like a familiar face to gun with/for you.
  2. ebryson

    Wanted NP231J

    Well, my t-case decided it didn't want to work anymore. Does anyone have a Tj np231 with a SYE on it already? I still can use the SYE kit I have too if not.
  3. ebryson

    Wanted Shift Fork Pads

    Down here at Jeep Safari and my shift fork pads are not happy campers. Called around and no one has any. Does anyone that is in Moab have some Shift Fork Pads for a Tj (np232j)?
  4. ebryson

    Wanted 5x4.5 wheel spacers

    My calipers like to rub just a bit so having to get some spacers. Does anyone have a set of 4 that are laying around? Bolt pattern 5x4.5
  5. ebryson

    Cable Shifter Adjustment

    I recently got one of those cool Novak Cable shifters for Tj np231j and am having hard time finding the right adjustment. Is there any tips/tricks or do I just have to find the right cuss word?
  6. ebryson

    South-West Utah Sand Hollow 18th or 19th

    I'm going to be in St. George the 18th and 19th and was curious if anyone was going wheeling in Sand Hollow on either of those days. If so could a few of my buddies and I tag along? Likely just my Jeep and maybe a rented SXS.
  7. ebryson

    Wanted WJ conversion

    I am looking at doing the WJ knuckle conversion on my Tj. I was curious if anyone had the stuff just sitting there from a previous upgrade or if they have a complete axle or anything that I could use.
  8. ebryson

    Labor Day

    Anyone going down to Moab Labor Day weekend and not doing the Labor Day campout? I have a trail on Sunday but not on Saturday and Monday. I was hoping I could tag along with some people on a trail or two.
  9. ebryson

    Wanted ARB air seal

    Looking for a couple upgrades for my little Jeep. The first item I am looking for is a air hub/seal for a D30, locker part number RD100, the hub/seal part number is 081801SP. I've got everything else to install install this thing but I'm having trouble getting this one part. The other great...
  10. ebryson

    Wanted 11-14 F-150

    Looking for a daily driver that can also tow a little TJ. My preferred daily driver would be a 2011-2014 F-150 with a EcoBoost in it. I would like the miles to be around 130,000 and price around 15,000. Don't mind the color unless its red (no red). Thank you in advance.
  11. ebryson

    San Rafael Swell

    What are some cool places to visit in the Swell? Finally able to test out my little TJ out in the dirt!
  12. ebryson

    Jeep Spare Tire Carriers?

    Which is better, body mount tire carrier or bumper mount?
  13. ebryson

    For Sale Ford 8.8

    Ford 8.8, disc brakes, 3.73 gears, limited slip
  14. ebryson

    High School TJ build

    This little Tj is coming along, that big dent in the side is gone due to a friend in town, repainted the hood and part of side panel where the dent was, the paint didn't match to what I thought it would, but that's ok, it gives it character. Repainted the the fender flares black, looks so much...
  15. ebryson

    ebryson's dads Cherokar that i drive

    My pa bought a 2 door cherokee so I could have a heater on the way to school, I am liking it so far. We got it with some skinny snow tires and traded those out for 31" All Terrian BFG's, the wheels are from an old TJ. The BFG's make it look almost trail ready. We don't plan on doing much else to...