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  1. Greg

    Here we go... 1969/70 Chevy C10/K20 projects

    Moved the C10 into the 'work bay' part of the shop, getting ready to stab the Vortec and TH350 into place. Also picked up some upgraded parts, like an aluminum radiator with dual electric fans. I have a rebuilt Holley 3310 (vacuum secondary 750 CFM carb) on the way as well, should be a good...
  2. Greg

    Trip Report Baja; San Felipe & the Chenowth Legacy Lodge over Thanksgiving

    The 'To USA' sign looked homemade... 😄
  3. Greg

    Alignment issues after t style steering upgrade

    This should help!
  4. Greg

    Trip Report Baja; San Felipe & the Chenowth Legacy Lodge over Thanksgiving

    Sunrises in Baja are special.... waking up before sun comes up is something I love to experience... the colors are incredible. Many years ago my FIL bought a early 70's VW Baja Bug down in Mexico... one of the kids ended up rolling it and the body got trashed. A local was building these...
  5. Greg

    Trip Report Baja; San Felipe & the Chenowth Legacy Lodge over Thanksgiving

    We spent the week of Thanksgiving outside of San Felipe with family, just missing the Baja 1000 by a day or two. Unfortunately with work schedules, the timing was the best we could do. We drove to Yuma from CO in a day, then headed over the border in the next morning. Once in Baja, our first...
  6. Greg

    Pellet Smokers; Dumping the Traeger

    Ahh, I heard they started in UT.... either way, outsourcing construction & components has taken a toll on Traeger quality and I'm over it. I've been looking at both GMG & Camp Chef, leaning towards Camp Chef at this point. I looked at Yoder, they're built in the USA which I love... but damn...
  7. Greg

    Pellet Smokers; Dumping the Traeger

    Reading reviews and info, I'm liking the CampChef Woodwind CL, they have a 24" ($600) or 36" ($900).
  8. Greg

    Pellet Smokers; Dumping the Traeger

    I know there are quite a few pellet smoker owners on here, looking for some opinions. I've owned a Traeger for years, but it's not always been reliable. Not long after I bought it the Hot Rod burned out and had to be replaced.... then recently the temp controller died and I had to replace that...
  9. Greg

    Today I Want This....

    Not a Ford guy, but I think this would be badass on airbags, dropped to the ground... with the utility bed and paint just how it is now.
  10. Greg

    Used cam ?

    Gotcha... yeah, sell the cam and lifters together as a matching set. If you kept track of which lobe the lifters were on, it shouldn't be an issue.
  11. Greg

    Used cam ?

    Flat tappet lifters, I assume? I'd spring for new lifters. I was always taught that camshafts and lifters wear in together and if you're not matching the used lifters to the same lobes, it could cause a cam to go flat or wear out a lifter.
  12. Greg

    Lighten the mood

    Me 1000%
  13. Greg

    JKUR best years

    I'd shoot for a '14+, many of the '12 &'13's (first year of the 3.6 Pentastar) had engine issues (casting sand, head gaskets) including my '12. The 3.8 is terribly gutless, 200 HP... not nearly enough for a Jeep.
  14. Greg

    Another new car thread.

    If you decide to go with a Jl, I would highly recommend that you look for one that has the option of LED headlights and fog lights if possible. The factory headlights on my JK were terrible and I upgraded to aftermarket LED's, but even they weren't great. The factory LED headlights on the Jl...
  15. Greg

    Anyone have the ability to build/narrow D60 front housing?

    Not for me but a friend asked me if anybody around the Salt Lake area had the ability to build a custom front Dana 60 using a 80s Ford KP housing. Just need to move the diff and change the width for the application. I don't know of anybody in the area that does this kind of stuff anymore, does...
  16. Greg

    Official RME Apparel is BACK!!

    I've got access to a vinyl cutter as well, I'll work on a run of those stickers and get them listed for purchase.
  17. Greg

    Jeep Speed Goat TJ, the anti-build thread

    That's good to hear, exactly what I was looking for. I'm sure there is a huge quality difference when you look at the price difference. For me, this switch panel will be running my engine Start and Stop as well as some other critical devices, I need it to work every time and be reliable. Thanks...
  18. Greg

    Most Trustworthy Wheel Adapters?

    Spidertrax for sure.
  19. Greg

    Fire Extinguishers; The Good, Bad & the Ugly

    I played around with a Halon fire extinguisher years ago and it was impressive how well it worked and did not leave any messy residue. I believe it displaces the oxygen and doesn't allow a fire to breath, thereby smothering it.