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    Colorado 21 rd sat 9/22/18

    Hitting 21rd Saturday if anyone wants to join.
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    Billings this sunday. 9/9/18

    We will be hitting billings this sunday if anyone wants to join. Will probably be there for 11-12, so far we have a yota on 37s and an xj on 40s
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    Colorado 21rd monday/labor day

    Gonna be running 21 rd labor day if anyone wants to join. Gonna be all types of rigs from xj on 32s to a crawler on 40s. All are welcome
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    My first Cage Build

    Well had to build a cage, and it was either keep the top and try to weld everything in there or chop the top and make it easier. Also last time I went to billings I broke my entire front axle. So I put an SD 60 up front
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    For Sale 3 315/70R17 Dick Cepek Crushers 80% tread

    I have 3 315/70R17 Dick Cepek Crusher Tires. Atleast 80% tread. Fourth one had sidewall ripped on interstate. The 3 I have all hold air, no leaks, no patches. Asking $300 Obo. Located in Grand Junction Co
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    Gear / Accessories gear pattern

    Starting to get better at this whole gear pattern setup thing. On my 4th gear swap. 3.73s to thick cut 5.38s.
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    Front HP D60 gear pattern check

    Got the 5.38 rev thick cuts in the SD HP D60 front. Pinion preload set at 7 inch lbs, backlash set @ .007, finial preload with carrier @ 17 inch lbs. How's the gear pattern look? First pic is drive, second is coast.
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    Jeep $30 xj 99-04 super duty truss build

    Didn't wanna pay $350+ for an Artec truss. (even though it is a great product) so I made my own using some scrap I found at the steel yard. Was $30 for everything out the door. Started with a piece of 6x4x1/4 tubing, 1-1/4 x .250 dom, 3/4" fine thread tap, 3/4" hiems (from a project in 2012)...
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    General Tech Pinion angle question.

    I went from a D60 to a 14 bolt in the back of my jeep. Hows my pinion angle look. I set it at 11.5 degrees off of the flat part on the 14 bolt. Which is what the driveshaft angle was with the D60. Didnt calculate for the 2" shorter snout. How bad does my driveline angles look. Its just a trailer...
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    Chevy 8 lug Dana 44 front with 5.38s and Lincoln locked. $400 OBO

    I have a Full Width Chevy Dana 44 front end. Comes with leaf spring perches, 5.38s already installed, Warn Hubs, and lincoln locked. Don't know much about the axle. I bought it in a set to put in a jeep and ended up just using the rear and staying driver drop. Axle is complete minus Calipers...
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    Ford NP 435 with 6.68 first gear and np 205 transfer case $400

    I have an NP 435 and np 205 transfer case with adapter, some brackets, and all yokes out of a 78 Ford F250. Should bolt up to some Xjs, MJs, and CJs. Everything works, good condition Asking $400 for the whole shebang. Located in Western colorado.
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    2009 10ft x 65" Diamond flat deck UTV, ATV trailer $800

    I have a 2009 ADDCO 10ft long x 5ft 5" (65"s)wide metal diamond plate flat deck trailer w drive-overable fenders. It weighs about 6-700 lbs and can easily be moved by hand. Will fit a full sized 4 seated side by side or 2 4 wheelers. Would be perfect for pulling ur atv or side by side with a...
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    YJ/ TJ Smittybilt Tube bumper with hitch. $100

    I have a smittybilt tube bumper with hitch for a tj or yj. Was $225 new, asking $100. Located in Grand Junction, Co. Call or text Chad. 970-270-6432 Thanks.
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    Ford HP D60 King Pin Axle Shafts. 35/30 spline $150

    I have a set of inner/outter shafts from an HP D60 King Pin axle. Asking $150 Located in Grand Junction CO. Call or text Chad. 970-270-6432. Thanks
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    South-East Utah Short trail runs easter jeep safari April 1st thru 5th

    Ill be down there wednesday thru sunday. I was looking to do some moderate trails like first half of fins, poison spider,metal masher, etc on thursday and friday. Ill be at the races on sat morning then maybe wheeling sat afternoon. Let me know if anyone wants to meet up. Ill be in a cherokee on...
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    5-30x9.5R15 BFG ATs on 5 stock jeep wheels. (all 3/4 tread or better)

    I have a set of 5-30x9.5R15 BFG ATs on 5 stock jeep wheels. All with 3/4 or better tread. Asking $500 obo. Spare is new but not in pictures. Call or text Chad. 970-2six1-84five7. Thanks.
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    Jeep Narrowtrack axles D30/D44 4.27 gears Complete.

    SOLD. To a gentlemen in a lab coat.
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    WTB Dana 60 Standard cut low pinion ring gear 4.10

    Im looking for a standard rotation 4.10 ring gear for a low pinion dana 60. Just the ring gear, dont need the pinion. Let me know thanks.:beer:
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    GMC / Chevy Caveman built Mc-Ferdgy won tons and 4d2s

    Id like to start by saying, I have no mechanical background nore training. I weld at work, on semis so I know my welds hold up to some SERIOUS abuse. Wich is good and bad, good because I know how to get things strong. Bad because by the time I end my week of welding I don't wanna put any effort...